Saturday, September 19, 2009

New photographs of SS501 in Malaysia Fan Meeting by Eddie Guyuno

Eddie Guyuno is so kind to update his website with more photographs of the other members of SS501 upon requests from SS501 fans. Same as the previous sets of photographs, he had captured the beautiful gesture of each of them. He also did a short write out of their profile, originally I don't plan to translate thinking it must be something similiar to what we see 65,018,932,501 times in all magazines, but after reading through I noticed that there are some new profile which he had added, so here you go......


Original Website:
Credit: as tagged (Photographs copyright by Eddie Guyuno)
English translation for profiles:

Please repost with full credit.

Name: Kim Hyun Joong
D.O.B: 6 June 1986
Blood type: B
Height: 180cm
Weight: 68kg
Type of girl he like: Generous and sincere/outspoken girl
Things to do before sleep: Bath
Virtue: No matter encounter with any difficulties, will try hard to overcome them
Most hated thing: Insect
Favourite colour: Black
Ways to reduce stress: Meet with friends, tour
Nickname: Cow, puppy
Must have in bag: iPod, contact lens, wallet, watch
Which type of man is most charming: Always be himself and always show his truthfulness and enthusiasm
Must changed habit: During drama filming period, finally changed habit of the holding chopstick. However after completed filming, return back to wrong holding method again.
3 wishes:
1. Be a world class, universal class singer
2. Group fans from worldwide to hold a free concert
3. Lead a normal and happy life

Name: Heo Young Saeng
D.O.B: 3 November 1986
Blood type: O
Height: 178cm
Weight: 63kg
Hobbies: Online gaming, basketball, listen to music
Speciality: Play piano
Idol: Seo Taiji (Korea legendary Rock singer)
Motto: Always smile in life
Which type of man is most charming: A man who is quiet and don't talk much
Happiest time: When performing on stage
Angriest time: When things is not satisfactory
Most nervous time: When being interviewed
Most hope for wish: To be the best artist in Asia
Thing done most diligently: Singing
Must changed habit: Don't know how to talk
3 wishes:
1. Hope to earn a lot of money
2. SS501 and my name will be known worldwide
3. Think more meticulously

Name: Kim Kyu Jong
D.O.B: 24 February 1987
Blood type: A
Height: 181cm
Weight: 65kg
Most satisfied part in your body: Left hand
Thing to do before sleep: Brush teeth
Thing to do after wake up: Brush teeth
Most wanted to see idol: Rain
Virtue: No matter feeling how excited, will think soberly
Most fear thing: fear of height, taking plane (and he had to fly most of the time >.<)
Type of girl he like: Girl with a pure smile
Ways to reduce stress: Tour alone
Thing must have in bag: Disposable contact lens
Which type of man is most charming: Man among the men is most charming'
Must changed habit: will be pessimistic sometimes
Things done with full hearted: Recording and also learning to dance
3 wishes:
1. Hope SS501 will expand within the whole Asia region
2. Korea CD market will return to the good times like previously
3. Film a movie

Name: Park Jung Min
D.O.B: 3 April 1987
Blood type: O
Height: 181cm
Weight: 77kg
Most satisfied part in your body: Teeth
Specialties: Tap dancing, rock climbing
Must have in bag: My bag is huge, so I bring everything
Which type of man is most charming: Somebody like me (LOL!!!!)
Type of girl he like: Filial to parents and have a passionate heart
Describe yourself as an animal: Unicorn
Happiest time: Standing on stage
Angriest time: When things is not satisfactory or as expected
Most nervous time: When being interviewed
Most hope for wish: To be a rich man (smile)
Most wanted to change thing: Hope to cure hand sweating problem
Things done most diligently: To learn diligently to compose songs and write lyrics
3 wishes:
1. SS501 will be a renown artist worldwide.
2. Eternal life
3. To meet with Taiwan fans soon

Name: Kim Hyung Joon
D.O.B: 3 August 1987
Blood type: O
Height: 181cm
Weight: 66kg
Ways to reduce stress: Singing to full content, blowing sea breeze at seaside, drive
Things must have in bag: iPod, record, exercise attire
Type of girls he like: Cute and devoted girl
Which type of man is most charming: Have leadership ability, can share hardship together
Speciality: singing, dancing, swimming (had once aspired to be a swimmer), golf, horse riding
Happiest time: Singing and dancing on stage and receiving cheers from audiences
Angriest time: After practice for very long and not getting any recognition, and only attained 50% performance
Most nervous time: When standing beside DSP President
Most satisfied part in your body: Waist and lips
Must changed habit: Reduce speaking pace
3 wishes:
1. Hope that SS501 will have good expansion/growth in Taiwan and Asia region
2. Album will be well accepted and supported by everybody
3. Good health for family members

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