Friday, September 18, 2009

[Video] "Find It! Green Gold" Ep 1

Saw this posting in Quainte501 by Feissy. It is a blog entry and picture by Brian regarding the 'Find It! Green Gold' show, I would post here to share with all of you.


Credits: + + (English translation) Feissy@Quainte501

Comment by Brian (below the picture):
Kim Hyung Joon and me between filming our SBS program...
Comments that we are like family were made ^^

His blog entry

Click to see enlarge picture


Have been waiting for subbed version of Hyung Joon's 'Find It! Green Gold' environmental show before posting but seems like I can't find any to date.

Well, some of you might have already watch the video on youtube, but you haven't, do watch, our Maknea is so cute in the show, can feel that he really enjoy himself in the show despite his fellow SS501 members are not with him.

I love the part when all the rest of the guys were choosen by the game participants and his expression is so cute! Haha.... and also the part when he play the 'Bali bali boo' game, it makes me remember in WGM time, he was crowned as the looser for this game, so I was surprised when he WON for both of the games, but the process of winning and his expression..... is ^^

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