Monday, September 21, 2009

[News] Kim HyunJoong participated in 'Family Outing', showing his excellent skills

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Korea popular group SS501's Kim HyunJoong participated in SBS variety show 'Family Outing' showing his excellent skills. This episode received wide attention due to the appearance of Kim HyunJoong who was diagnose with AH1N1 in Japan early this month.

In the program, there was a special dating moment for Kim HyunJoong and Lee Hyori picking vegetable together. On their way, while chatting with Lee Hyori and found out that he stepped on faeces, Kim HyunJoong said: "Last time when noona and I were in the same management company, there was once we had to take the same car with Fin.K.L, when going up the car, I also accidentally stepped on faeces."

Lee Hyori said: "Is it? No wonder, during that time there was definitely some unpleasant smell." Follow by that, Kim HyunJoong said: "Once I met noona, I will step on faeces." When he noticed that she was not very happy about that, he added: "Stepping on faeces will bring good luck!" showing his wits in reacting to situation.

On the other hand, absent due to his accident, BigBang member DaeSung, during his telephone conversation with Kim HyunJoong said: "I originally wanted to have a competition with Kim HyunJoong based on our looks." His words had caused all family members to convulse with laughters.

SBS will broadcast the continuation of Kim HyunJoong in 'Family Outing' on 27 Sept 2009.


Haha! Leader and his quick wits! I really enjoyed watching this episode so much, even though I don't understand even a single words! But from the actions, you can more or less figure out what they were doing. Thanks to all these news reports and also translations from iBreatheLifeMusic, I could understand even more about the show and made me looked forward for the next episode. I guess after all the scares given by leader because of his ill, this is like a distraction/diversion from it. Hope he is recuperating well and takes his time to rest. I am looking forward to see our 4D and energetic Prince HyunJoong's appearance on stage again! Oh! Not forgetting the rest of the members also.... I miss all 5 of them being together also! ^^

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