Tuesday, September 29, 2009

How are you Leader?

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[Kim Hyun Joong] Please, Be Nice To Me

I miss his smiles......


When I was browsing SS601 for some updates. I saw this posting by 신용1등급. She has posted a youtube video of Leader's solo 'Please,Be nice to me' and an animated GIF of video. After watching the video, I....... miss leader even more...... TT

There's no news of leader recently, all we heard was Kyu Jong saying that he is not feeling well during the Wonder+Full Korea Concert. Sigh..... It has been 12 days since we last seen him in the airport, looking haggard and thinner. After that we heard news of him doing a voice check in studio. There after no more news of him. We are able to forget a bit of these 'heart wrenching' memories when looking at the healthy, energetic and witty Hyun Joong in 'Family Outing'. I thought I would have felt better now. Not until I see this solo song of leader, suddenly I missing him even MORE!

Hope that he has already recovered by now. DSP really keep their word to let him have a good rest until he regain back his health. I hope when the next time I see him, he has gained back some fresh. I am looking forward to see a energetic, healthy and witty Hyun Joong back to SS501 again!


marge0256 said...

I miss the boys! especially leader. We havent heard from him. Although I know hne's just resting, I'm still worried. But I hope when all the boys are back together, we will see once again his energetic character and his smile that makes our hearts melt. But I was so glad to see the other four just recently, and hoping everyone is having his own share of rest :)

We will wait for their comeback! :)

Davina said...

Same here! Somehow, after watching epis 64 & 65 of FO, I miss Leader more (especially, his lovely smiles.) Hope to see him soon! Take care Leader!