Sunday, September 27, 2009

[News] Kim Hyun Joong absent in SS501, end of October will release new album

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SS501 will come back in the 4th week of October.

At 6pm, 27 September, SS501 performed 'Because I am stupid' and other songs in the 'Wonder + Full Korea Concert' held at Seoul Olympic Park.

However, Kim Hyun Joong's was not seen on stage. The other members said: "Recently Hyun Joong is not feeling well, he is not feeling well today also, therefore he could not go on stage. Currently we are preparing for the 2nd album, there will be new songs in it, hope everybody continue to anticipate."

When the host asked question about the new album, Hyung Joon said: "This is an album which we had used 2 years to prepare, it will be release within 1 month. Its singing style would be different from the previous, hope everybody would not be surprised and give us more encouragement."

Heo Young Saeng was asked about their Asia Tour Concert, he said: "Currently the Seoul and Japan concert had completed. We are quite nervous of the coming Asia Tour Concerts, and will go to some countries which we have never visited before. We are quite excited and hope to show our best side to the other countries."

When ask about their ideal type, Hyung Joon said: "A girl who try her best in doing thing is charming and sexy. Also thanks for all fans who come here, you are my ideal type." wining warm applause from the audience.

Lastly, SS501 said: "During the last week of October, we will release our new album, please anticipate."


Yes, one news said 3rd week and another said 4th week, I wonder who is correct? Tsk tsk tsk.... why can't they be more consistent?

Wonder if leader has fully recovered. Reading all these news make me started to worry again. Hope he is just recuperating. Get well soon Leader!

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quynh_perfectionist said...

yay!! jung min is back :)
and glad to hear that leader is resting and not rushing into any activities.

can't wait for album release!!

thanks for the update :)