Tuesday, January 26, 2010

A difficult choice to make

Perfect release a video yesterday. Click here to watch it. Make your own choice for this whole incident.

I do not know what will be the best way for leader. However, what I am sure is I will support whatever decision leader decide on this case, whatever choice he made, I am behind him. I will give him the full support and I will not blame him for his choice.

It is not that I don't care but I guess the way I like is different. Just like I don't like to be pressured into making a decision, similarly, I don't like to push him to the way which I think is right for him. I would prefer that he would make his own choice and be responsible for it. I will give him the morale support he needs always.

I do not like to manipulate other people thoughts, I think there is no right or wrong in everything, it is just the person's choice, don't scold another person just because they didn't choose the choice that you think it is right as everybody has their own rights to make their own choice. Please respect everybody's choice.

I guess a lot of you do not know which side to go, but just do what you heart tells you and don't be regret later on whether the result is good or bad. Continue to give SS501 the support they need. Don't be sway by what others tell you, make your own choice. There are many ways to show your support, just do it the way you think is correct.


marge0256 said...

Hi cagali,

Thank you for sharing your thoughts on this. I agree. It is a difficult choice to make. And I have made my stand, and my other friends know my stand too. I will support him all the way, same with SS501. Whatever it is, its his choice. Not ours, and not anyone else'. I know that he has put a lot of thought in things that he does, and for whatever its worth, he knows what he's doing. :)

And I agree with your thoughts on this. thanks again.

Take care! :)

Anonymous said...

Hi cagali,

Please take note that you are not alone. I have the same thought as you. I am sure there's a lot of fans out there that always pray for SS501, wish them happiness and success in their career. We dont really know the actual happening so we are not in a position to come to any conclusion.

tetsu girl said...

Thank you for writing this. It's so wonderful to have a fandom leader who is open-minded and mature and who encourages us to think for ourselves. As long as we continue to love and support SS501, however way we choose to, it's the right decision. ^^
SS501 + UFO Fighting! :D

bb said...

hey, finally you 'spoke' :p

was hoping for something from you.... and i feel although our approaches are different, i'm glad you shared your stand. this way, hopefully fans will realise and understand better that there're always different ways to do things, simply because different options are available, and because everyone's thinking is different.

no right or wrong, just a matter of 'different folks, different strokes'.

whatever it is, i still maintain that each fan's 'relationship' with him is her own and is private and individual. no one can feel the exact same way as you, therefore it is up to everyone to decide what they wish to do.

sharing our thoughts out loud doesn't always mean we're trying to persuade or dissuade someone. if done the 'right' way, sharing of diverse views can also open up perspectives and options.

i've always felt it is only with more thinking, more fact-finding and more exploring of alternative views and options, then a more informed decision can be made.

of course, one cannot wait for perfect and complete information, coz that will never come, since things are constantly changing as we speak... nothing's really at a standstill, no matter how we feel it to be. by this logic, once we're certain we've allowed ourselves 'cooling down/off' period' and ain't acting on impulse/anger/frustration/excitement... we should just do it.

thanks for sharing.

BLo_oM Li_oN said...


Same thought here ^^.
At last, this is your blog and it's your decision to share or not to share your decision, to express your feelings or keep it with yourself.
And I know You've been GREAT all along and You always support SS501 for whatever they've done.

I love SS501 and I love Leader ... and I respect every choice they make.

YOU too !!


圆圆동생 said...


Dongsaeng weekend cook curry treat u x3

=PLUCK Hyung white hair=

Anonymous said...

For those who want to support. Please join us at Twitter in one hour to make SupportHyunJoongPetition as trending topic.
Thanks for the vid, MiniUFO

helen from vancouver said...

I am always fully supporting my lovely hyun joong. That's what a true leader's fan should do, always stand by him. Don't worry! I am sure hyun joong will be back with us on stage soon. Let us be patient and we are looking forward to seeing a newly fresh handsome smiling HYUN JOONG again!!!!!

Jericho said...

Leader came back from Canada with Hero on 15 Jan, 2 days later 18 Jan, Leader fall victim to some cruel set-up by his ridiculously villian of a CEO who happen to share the same birthday as the more villianous ex-P. So both crooks share the same birthday :D

So Leader's career is really in jeopardy (no mood for romance). Fans obviously will take Leader's side, there is no need to make any difficult choice or decision. We dun hv to advise or suggest anything, anyways only Leader know his situation best. Whatever Leader decides, we give him absolute complete support.

Nicole said...

i love kim hyun joong
and i will support him forever :)

helen said...
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helen said...

Dearest Cagali...

million thanks for your great sharing...it not easy to run the blog and provide such neutral opinion and stimulate your visitors have some positive & constructive thoughts/opinions....it's my lucky to know you and Yuan Yuan..trust me..really from bottom of my heart..really help myself to view from different angle on this case!!!

luckily, most of the visitors who visit your blog are very mature mindset, they support Leader not only like his handsome or charming point, but also admire Leader's acting, dancing and singing talent.

No matter when Leader will meet to the public again... let's say a prayer to him:
Wish him have a good health!
Wish him have a good voice!
Wish him have all the angels always protect him!

Cheer up leader...
Cheer up Mini UFO...
Cheer up those supporters who always support Leader and SS501!!!

helen (hk)

P.S. just a small request, could you please enlarge your UFO size? so that you could pick up all of us meet him in Seoul instead of waiting Leader to meet us, right?

stalking_hj said...

Even i have opinion, i DO respect others opinion. Yea just follow ur heart ^^ peace!

ss501 encore promo clip
cr: hjmasa

Karren168 said...

DSP & HJL are not one & the same... therefore, dealing with them is also done differently... supporting one of them does not necessarily mean supporting the other one too...

Respect is one of the values i really try to practice at all times... so no matter what HJL decides to do I will respect his decision... I will support him all the way.

turtle said...

i believe this is just one of the ways to make TS even stronger and support SS501 more.

we shall stay strong and support them, ok!!

SS501 Hwaiting!!
TS will not give up!!

wen0607 said...

Hi cagali

Thanks for sharing your thought here with us...

You are right... everyone have their own opinions and thinking... of cuz different ways of supporting~

Now I only hope leader will be alright!

ww said...

DSP Entertainment still pursuing about this matter? poor hyun joong ):
do reply me thanks!

angyuanting said...

Hi , thanks for sharing of the latest leader's news. I think he's really very brave & we'll support him!(:

myoce said...

Very difficult !
What ever effort we do, what ever way we do it ...it's for leader and SS501 because we love them. That is all that matters !

♥_얍카이_TRIPLE S 4eVeR_♥ said...

Same too.........
Will support whatever decision that leader decide~~~
Strongly agree, RESPECT everybody's choice. =|

I will always SUPPORT SS501 who are the FIRST PLACE n the most IMPORTANT one than anything in my LIFE~~~

SS501, all the members, I also LOVE them very much. Of cuz with my Support as well.

UFO, Hwaiting!
TS, Hwaiting and continue to Support them no matter what happens~~

Thank you for sharing ur ideas.=)

Jericho said...

Replying ww who posted at 9.08PM, DSP is still keeping mum till now abt the whole thing n not giving a damn to what the fans are requesting to clear Leader's name or even bother to make a simple official apology. Leader got bullied is the current situation.

One very grave concern I hv is what if Leader for the sake of SS501 n we fans swallow his pride n eat the humble pie to just continue as if nothing has happened in DSP? In other words, he wld sacrifice himself for the good of everyone. Then do u think he will be happy n we wld happily support this decision?

This is my last comment on this episode. Period.

Jni said...

My heart felt saddened and burdened upon seeing the video. I really hope that the issue will die down eventually and that leader will come out strong from this situation. Anti-fans will never see the good in whomever they are against- A single mistake can blow out of proportion no matter how many good things one may have done.
In leader's case, it was not even his mistake. He was unknowingly dragged into it. He is the victim of the situation, if only those narrow minded antis are smart they would have sought the truth before posting those hurtful things or at least after hearing the truth, have retracted and somehow apologized, but I guess they're not! They're just as stupid as their pride can take them.

The only thing we can do is to let it be known to leader that we, his supporters are stronger than those anti-fans. It can only be shown if Leader continues to do his things and never to succumb to those hurtful comments. Do not give up on his dreams - continue to HOLD ON TO His Dreams as he mentioned in one of his speeches. Let us support him all the way! Leader, fighting!

Summer A. said...

*neutral too*
goes to cook jajangmyeon in addition to 圆圆's curry.

PS: i think i haven't mailed you in a long time cagali ^^ but i think you must be busy as usual(:

Nicky said...

hi cagali!

i agree with your views, thanks for sharing! being true to himself or staying loyal are two difficult choices for leader. i will support leader's choice and i hope he will be happy coz i know he wanted to live life to the fullest coz he lives only once. we love you hyun joong!

Sarah Jane said...

I agree with you. There is no right or wrong but don't regret it later and no blaming and "I told you so". As for me I will support Leader and the other members decision and choices. Because in the end it is their career and lives. They will have my 501% support. I just bought their music and Rebirth application pictures just out on USA ITunes today.

Anonymous said...

One of wonderful path in my life is being SS501 fans and recognize all of the member especially HJL. I will sing their song every day without bored. For that reason too, I will support HJL and his team without doubt.

Hope they can be strong together... forever,
SS501 fighting!!!

Anonymous said...

I agree to what Jericho that 'what if Leader for the sake of SS501 n we fans swallow his pride n eat the humble pie to just continue as if nothing has happened in DSP?'

If the fans of leader don't prove his innocence now and clean the public's misunderstanding about him, leader's image will be damaged forever and irretrievable. The fans must know this.

圆圆동생 said...

Pls respect each other choice

snowy said...

That company is really taking huge advantage of this boys, meanwhile they don't even care for the individual image ruined. can't they just explained to the public it was just a mistake. ss501 have given so much for the company, can't they do the same.
HyunJoong be strong cos no matter what company you're in, tripleS will never ever leave you!! it's your talent and we as your fans that made us alive till this moment.. my support is full for you! HyunJonng Fighting!!

Mini UFO said...

Ok. Let me answer Jericho question. If that is leader choice, I believe he has weigh all the circumstances to come up with this decision. I will respect his decision. He is an adult, he should know what is the consequences of his decision. If yet he still make the decision, I will respect him and give him the morale support.

To be frank, there is no right or wrong decision. It is his choice. We can't make the decision for him. You might think it is good to him but it might not be good to him. Just think about it how do you know that if he decided to stay in DSP he is not happy? How do you know? We are not him, how do we know he will not happy?

I am not saying proving his innocence is wrong but just that it must be done in the correct way. Who knows he has his own way to prove his innocence? Give him faith and confidence. I think he is brave and strong enough to withstand all these. And I think everybody knew that he is innocent. Else, why are we not reading any -ve news in the newspaper, why the reporters are helping him. There must be a reason right?

The netizens is somebody which can't talk sense to them, else they will not jump into conclusion that leader is at fault although all evidence show that leader is innocent. Just give them sometime, they will get tired and change their target to the next big news.

Please have faith on Hyun Joong and give him the morale support he need. Just my 2 cents. It is up to you to accept or not. What I think might be different from your because it happens that we look at this issue in different perspectives. But no matter what, our intention is the same we all love him, so we are worry about him and hope for the best for him. ^^