Saturday, January 23, 2010

[Video] MBC Every1 - Hyung Jun trying to disguise as Ki Bum for his TV recording [2010.01.12]

In this video, actually the reporters were supposed to interview Ki Bum but Hyung Jun tried to disguise as Ki Bum when they went to Hyung Jun's home. When he realized that they can recognize him, he in turn told the PD that Ki Bum hurt his leg and was resting. His trick was exposed when Ki Bum came out and he has no choice but to leave. Before leaving, he still don't forget to tell the reporters to film him next time.

Can't stop laughing at Hyung Jun for his strong desired to be screened. Even Ki Bum also can't stand his hyeong! Hahaha!


Credit: MBC + ss501ufo
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[2010.01.12] SS501 Kim Hyung Jun trying to disguise as U-Kiss Ki Bum


turtle said...

hahaha. he is sooo cute!!
actually i think he is better looking than ki bum.

Joonie!!! <3

Anonymous said...

Lol!! He sure loves the spot light.

Anonymous said...

wow...! Baby drives da Audi one...:)

marydewitt said...

I totally agree with turtle...Baby is much better looking than ki bum...since I am not Baby bias..

Anonymous said...

xDD...Baby is so CUTE~~
They actually reli look alike~~They're just like TWINS..
But ya...agree with mary and turtle..
Baby is better looking tha his bro~ >_<
Hmm...both also CUTE~