Friday, January 29, 2010

[Photo] Jung Min message in Dr. Fish cafe

This is a message Jung Min left in a Dr. Fish cafe.

Dr. Fish cafe is a place where you put in your feet into a pool with big groups of tiny fish literally bite the dead skin off of your feet. These fish are ‘reported’ to release enzymes and the same component of dermatological creams for skin to regenerate your skin faster.


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Dr. Fish!
Really don't have dead skin!
Not mine... but the person beside me don't have (dead skin)
I originally don't have (dead skin)
- SS501 Jung Min


Anonymous said...

ahhhhh? what does he ment? anyway he is so cute

Josephine said...

erm.. hi..i think that's not a restaurant? thats more like a spa place where people place their feet into a tank of water with fishes, and the fishes will nibble at the dead skin on the legs...:D

tetsu girl said...

LOL his msg is so WTF! ^_^ of course JM would go to one of those trendy spas; he takes tremendous care of his feet. XD oh, Jung Minnie. <3

Anonymous said...

kekeke ok, now it makes more sense...than u josephine...

but still I dont get what he is trying to say...

♥_얍카이_TRIPLE S 4eVeR_♥ said...

*laugh* hahaha~ I juz keep laughing when I read that..."I originally don't have (dead skin)~~ LOL!!!
Jung Min ssi~~~ ahhh~~

Anonymous said...

oh jung min=)) He is becoming as 4D as HJL=)) I wonder who was the person beside him ;))