Saturday, January 30, 2010

[Info] DSP Notice - 2nd Presale for Encore concert

If you are interested in buying the Encore concert tickets and can't get it during the 1st presale, do mark you calendar for the 2nd presale - 2 February, 7pm! If you can't read korean and wanted to purchase the ticket, it will be better if you look for fanclubs to help you with the purchase.


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Hi, this is DSP media,

Very thankful for everybody's passion for SS501 Encore concert.

The 2nd presale is going to start.

The seats for the 2nd presale are for seats which are cancelled or not paid during the 1st presale.

The 2nd presale will start from 2 February, 7pm, at

Thank you for everybody's concern.

Once again thank you for your concerned and care for the 'SS501, THE 1ST ASIA TOUR PERSONA in SEOUL ENCORE'.

DSP Media

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♥사만다_SS501♥사랑해♥Triple_S♥ said...

wow~~ the concert will be full soon. how many rounds of selling tickets are there??

wish i could go :(