Friday, January 29, 2010

[Fan account] A korean fan's mail to Hyun Joong

Thanks 圆圆동생 for letting me know about this fan account. I miss Hyun Joong a lot recently. This fan account actually let me feel better.

I was touched by leader's magnanimity, being disturb by fan when having a private gathering and yet treating the fan kindly. He has really a very patient and kind heart. I knew the feeling because I have once rejected outrightly when asking for a photograph of an artist politely when she was attending some private function, so what Hyun Joong has done really touched my heart. (Although after that I do regreted asking since it was liked I deserved it since I asked for it! Haha! ^_~) It might meant to be a very small gesture but then it meant a lot to fans.

P/S: Oh yah~ thanks for 圆圆동생 reminder. We must always remember to bring along a nice book for them to sign and a good camera to capture their charming face next time when we go out. Kekekekeke..... ^^


Credit: + (chinese translation) + (english translation)
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My mum is Kim Hyun Joong's fan
Although has not officially joined the fanclub
Also don't know how to go online
When going online will only search for Kim Hyun Joong
Will only watch video or news and also Kim Hyun Joong's message in the official website
Whole heartedly supporting Kim Hyun Joong

Few days ago around midnight my mum saw Kim Hyun Joong at Gangnam
I think it has been around a week
At a drinking place together with a friend at midnight
Because my mum went over to disturb should have felt inconvenient
but instead talked to my mum gently and also personally signed for her
Really thankful to you

Although it might be due to politeness to fan
My mum was happy like a teenager
I wish to say thank you to you ^^
After hearing about all these that my mum said, I also become Kim Hyun Joong's fan!!
Generally, artists might have treat it as trival matters and ignoring it
But being so thoughtful to fan, really very thankful !!
Hope to see you active on stage ^^

P/S: There's a problem. My mum keeps your signature with extra care in the car
Every night also has to watch your video
The time I can go online has shorten TT TT
This 2 days I will help my mum to join the fanclub officially ~~


圆圆동생 said...

SO... pls bring a v.nice pcs of paper with a good marker whenever u go =D

圆圆동생 said...

btw hyung, ur kongish rox

Anonymous said...

Howww.. cute, so sweet of the girl, her mom, and of course our Leader!!! I smile when i read this fan acct.
Thanks for sharing

Mini UFO said...

simi Kongish lar..... wat talking u....
I speak 'alien-ish' LOL

Sarah Jane said...

This is what I love about HJL and SS501. Fame have never went to their heads. They are so polite, humble and so kind. They love their fans.

圆圆동생 said...

hyung, next time take out more i & u then become more konglish =D

Mini UFO said...

Kong your head lar! You want me to take cane to cane u is it?! ^_~

P/S: I still donno watz konglish....4D-lish I know.... Konglish is????

圆圆동생 said...


this is how my teacher speaks


^ smile till the eye become 2lines.. can see?

vranzeezqa said...

i really laugh read this, beacoz i'm imagine my mom do something like this...

HyunJoong so sweet eh???
Oyeah, you know, after typing anything, i want to do the copy-paste of word supporthyunjoongpetition because of yesterday... wkkk...

thx for sharingg... ^^

kig_gaa said...

I really like this message,Thank for sharing..Missing Hyung<3

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing. So sweet and nice of Hyun Joong^^ just makes me love him even more *^^*

angel said...

yeah leader always so nice to his fans

Anonymous said...

i am like her mum. when online, i only search for KIMHYUNJOONG news and video happened to find mini ufo and joined lovekimhyunjoong recently.login everyday without fail till my girls asked me why leader again??? i like ss501 but like leader more...kekeke
hope everything will be smoother for him after the cny

Mini UFO said...

Wow! Anonymous,

If I have a mom like you, it will be great! Then we can spazz about him together to make the mom-daughter relationship more closer. ^_^

So did you tried influencing your girls into liking them too? ^_^

Kele said...

i'm stalking here to destress. this fan account really makes my day.

i oso does that to my kids. i love to spazz SS501 with my son and spazz 'Jihoo' sunbae with my gal. as for my hubby, i spazz Jung Min with him cos he is Minnie's fan.

hmm, i know it's rude and even though i've been stalking for so many months oredi, but why is 圆圆동생 calling you [Hyung]?? curious!

Jericho said...

圆圆동생 n Cagali are like the modern day Butterfly Lovers - Liang Xiong Po and Chu Ying Tai, that's how they address each other....haha....just kidding.

圆圆동생 said...

i though alien are all namja(male)?

YS MIA so long~
#Shouting at leader, bring YS back to earth!#


^smile till eye turn into 2lines

Mini UFO said...

Hi Kelemama,

Hope you have destress after visiting here. ^^ Fighting!! All the best for your big project!!

Erm.... why my 동생 calling me 형? Well.... Err... Err... Err... actually I am a..... namja. (*blush*)

Kekekekeke..... nah! That's PlanetHyun language, Elder sister = 형 (Hyung). ^_~

Oh 동생아~ Leader say: "YS is having a lot of fun taking selca with the aliens... Not coming back earth at the moment~"

ss501hwaiting said...

ohw!! so cute!!! what a cool mom, and a nice daughter for thanking hyun joong oppa!=D SS501 is very NICE, they really do mean it when they say that they love their FANS!!! I love SS501, especially kim hyun joong=D...this fan acc makes my day a little better, hope to hear news about kim hyun joong soon, and hope his okey now!

Anonymous said...

hi mini ufo, i did influence both my teenage girls but guess what! the mum is a bigger fan. now listening to 96.30 and playing RAINISm..... make me want to watch leader's version

♥_얍카이_TRIPLE S 4eVeR_♥ said...

awww...How Sweet Is Our Leader~ xDD
Juz too SWEET~~ >_<

kelemama said...

LOL! so funny. and thanks for your wishes.. i'm currently cracking my head on the project. o_O... just recovered slightly from migraine and tummyache that attacked me yesterday.

Anonymous said...

i am just like his mom i have 2 kids both like ss501 specially leader. everyday when i wake i check my computer to watch leader then before going to sleep we have to watch some video about leader. we are addicted to him. i even ask my hubby to buy cd's in korea when he has time to pass by at seoul.