Saturday, January 23, 2010

[Fancam] Double HJ Brotherly Love @ 2006 Infinity Challenge

Was actually looking for another video and ended up found this video instead. Thought that I should share with you. It will definitely make you laugh when looking at the video. It was taken during the time of 2006 Infinity Challenge.

Thanks hjdoll for sharing this video.

P/S: Thanks Stalking_HJ, I have changed the video to once which show extra 1 more minute of the previous video, since they are almost similiar, I have the previous replaced.


Credit: As tagged + hjdoll
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[Fancam] SS501 Double HJ @ 2006 Infinity Challenge


ran said...

lol, they looked like siamese twins? or is it more like babay penguin with its mommy?

ran said...

typo: baby

trippi said...

awww! they're so cute!
must add manager to that Double HJ love! :P

wonder why leader ran off at the end?

stalking_hj said...

this is same fancam.. but the cute moment longer 1 minute more.. ^^
cr: hjdoll

turtle said...

so cute!! Leader 4dness when he knee-ed Joonie!! the manager is so sweet as well.

SS501 hwaiting!!