Friday, January 22, 2010

[Photo] Jungmin 'Life Theatre 2010' GIF

miss Heo Young Saeng~
SS501 hwa-i-ting


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Anonymous said...

OMO..! JungMin overloaded!

Anonymous said...

Thx for sharing...keke^^
All the GIF is so so the CUTE...xDD

Anonymous said...

oh jung min:)) he looks so goofy in these gifs:)) so cute

turtle said...

actually, i want many many many gifs of minnie and joonie. haha.

but minnie here looks super cute.
i love the way he pulls his luggage and walk in the last pic.

Jennifer said...

Jungminnie is soo cute!! :DD

thanks for sharing!^^

may i know how you make GIFs which are so clear, i will like to make my own too(:

Mini UFO said...

Hi Jennifer,

The GIF is not made by us, it is by SS601.

Jennifer said...

i see...thanks for replying me and sharing this! ^^