Monday, January 25, 2010

[Vote] Lets vote for SS501

During this time, there's nothing much we can do but to show our support to them, other then leaving message in message boards to the leader and also the rest of the boys. Why don't we also let our 'finger' do the work? Not like the antis but to vote for the boys. Lets vote for SS501 to show that we TripleS will continue to support them!

There is a poll conducted by Yahoo Korea, there's no awards or whatsoever, but it is just a poll but I just thought in someway, it show the guys that we are still supporting to them in everything. In someway, it will also keep you occupied and stop thinking too much of the current incident.

Lets all united as TripleS. Just remember, SS501 will not be SS501 anymore if any of them is not around. All members are equally important to us! Leader, Prince, Center, Sexy Charisma, Maknae. We want to see them together again soon!


There are total 4 polls for different categories. I will list down all of them

These are the steps to vote, since all other category share the same steps, I will only teach you how to vote for the Group category, which is to vote for SS501.

1. Click on the button which I have box up in pink, there will be 2 pop ups that will jump up, just click on OK for both of them. (Please see below for the explaination for each pop up message.)

2. To view the poll results, please click on the button which I have boxed up in blue.

NOTE: There's a comments box, please only submit in KOREAN or ENGLISH. This is to prevent them from closing oversea votes. please cooperate.

This is the 1st pop up you will receive, it means your voted is received.

This is the 2nd pop up, it means you can vote after 10seconds.


This is the poll ranking as at 25 Jan, 1.10pm (+GMT8)

Singer - SS501 (No. 4)

Artist - Hyun Joong (No. 1)

Song - Because I am stupid (No. 4)

Drama - Boys over Flowers (No. 4)

NOTE: For each individual poll page, you can actually click on the picture or text link of the person you want to vote, to continue voting. Once you click on it, it will bring you to the voting page which I have listed above in the step 1.


Anonymous said...

There is a latest vid kim hyun joong who's guilty? in youtube.

samanthachu_96 said...
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♥사만다_SS501♥사랑해♥Triple_S♥ said...

so you mean we can keep voting for our boys..??
wow...amazing ! :)

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry I'm not very updated so what happened to our cute boys?

Anonymous said...

hello i was just wondering if lee min ho(jun pyo) is also in the poll for artist. just wondering ok. thnx...

Mini UFO said...

look at the pictures. this is how i recognized them

Anonymous said...

may i pls know wether there are only 3 artists to choose from?

Anonymous said...

please continue voting..i voted like more than 50 times..i opened 4 tabs and voted one by one for 20 minutes.. if we could gather lots of messages why can't we vote? allot 20 minutes of your time would do the trick..we could do this!

Anonymous said...

Oh, I voted for 3hours today, but Our guys still less than the people before them 80 thousand. What should we do?

Anonymous said...

3 hours?! wow! i voted for 1 hour and will vote again later.there are two things we could do (1) continue non-stop voting (2) spread the words through blogs, fanclubs, and friends (or even youtube)

Anonymous said...

really hope the hot song for ss501 is love like this...
but nevermind...i will vote whatever song it is!!!
ss501 and ts hwaiting!!!! and vote!!!!