Sunday, January 31, 2010

[Video] Kim Hyung Jun on MBC game [Episode 2 Preview+Opening Video]

I am getting very bored this afternoon. Thanks LHL for sharing these 2 new video of our cute Maknae in MBC Game. One of it is the Opening Video of Maknae which is very fun and interesting and the other is the preview for Episode 2.

Enjoy watching!

P/S: Thanks 동생 for posting this up! I was concentrated on other things and didn't notice LHL's mail.


Credit: poohhl + Dare_

Repost with full Credit

[MBC Game - Episode 2 Preview]

[MBC Game - Opening Video]


LHL said...

there's another one...opening video :D

圆圆동생 said...

yeah, i saw in 601 there are 2videos
I knew u will post both
thx for informing

Smile till eye become 2lines

LHL said...

smile till like youngsaeng...
hehhehee! :p