Saturday, January 23, 2010

[Video][Eng Sub] Jung Min @ Elephant Sitcom

Thanks XiaoFen for sending me this video. Sorry I only posted it up today. Was distracted by many things until I remember this.

I have actually watch this in Chinese sub long time ago, to watch it again in English sub, I still have a good laugh over it. It is really funny.

Hope this will help lighten your heart after worrying so much these few days over leader's incident. Do continue to keep leader and the other members in your prayers. This is a tough time for both leader & SS501, lets be united together and give our continuous morale support to all of them.


Credit: (Translation) Littlelover + (Sub) ltstraus@youtube
Please repost with full credit

[Eng Sub] SS501_Park Jung Min - Elephant sitcom [1-2]

[Eng Sub] SS501_Park Jung Min - Elephant sitcom [2-2]


Anonymous said...

hahaha that was really nice.. what year did they shoot that sitcom?

iluvdumplings said...

Hi! I think this aired during Deja vu promo, 2008. In the later part of the episode, Jungmin dances to "a song calling for you." I watched this without subs then and thought Jungmin acted pretty well.