Saturday, January 30, 2010

[Video][Eng Sub] Hyun Joong @ Star King [2008.04.05]

This is a old video of Hyun Joong in Star King during 5 April 2008. It was shared in SS601 recently, I happened to find the english subbed version. This is to share with you.

Even though I had watched this for many many times, each and everytime I can't stop laughing. Especially Hyun Joong's reactions, the way he laugh, the way he reacted to the fan and how he embraced her to pacify her. ^_^

Recently it seems to be like there's a dark cloud moving around due to the recent incident. Hope that by looking at this video, it will brighten up your spirit. I am looking forward to the Bangkok Persona Concert to see all 5 of them back together on stage.


Credit: SoShi Subs + cuteshineelover1
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[Video][Eng Sub] Hyun Joong @ Star King [2008.04.05]


Kadd said...

Hi Cagali,

Thanks for surfacing this vid for us to view. Two thots came to my mine whilst watching it:

1. HJ's high tolerance for pain. So I'm sure that he'd be able to emerge out of the current situation shining even brighter than before!

2. HJ's love for his fan through that 'eye contact' of his! Wow! It's totally electrifying! He has always been very humble and sincere even though he's popularity has risen. So during this current fallen state of his, let's just support him favorably without adding to the noise and 'finger' pointing!

Thank you once again!

Mini UFO said...

Hi Kadd,

Thanks for your sharing. Indeed I also believe Hyun Joong is strong and brave enough to withstand all these trivals and plunders in life.

I hope all these will be over and he can move on and achieve even better result from before!

Actually I talked to my korean teacher about this incident, she told me that Hyun Joong's case can't even compare to the 2pm leader Jae Bom's case. For Jae Bom's case, it is a big issue and most Korean was angry. She told me not to worry as it is not a big problem and are just gossip. Well, this is just one Korean view. But at least, we do see another view point for this incident. ^_^

Wish everything will be over soon. There's always a rainbow after the rain.

marydewitt said...

thanks for this video...have watched it many times but it always bring me laughter...

wow..ufo flying to BKK persona...enjoy....

Jni said...

thank's for the video. I've watched it the nth time even before this post and watching it again now still brings me laughter and envy for the fan who had the pleasure to be near, have eye to eye contact, embrace and even pinch him! who wouldn't? Hahaha

Anonymous said...

Lol!! That girl is just tooo cute, she's mesmerized by Leader, but how come she still able to pinch him..Lol