Thursday, January 21, 2010

[Photo] Jung Min @ 'Life Theatre 2010'

LHL just delivered some screen caps of Jung Min in 'Life Theatre 2010' to my mailbox. Here's to share with all of you. Thank you LHL. ^_^


Credit: LHL
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trippi said...

minnie looks gorgeous!
i love his eyes :)

Anonymous said...

waaahaaaaaaa jung minnnnnnnnnnnn I am looking forward to seeing this show

Anonymous said...

wah minnie JungMin can act well

Anonymous said...

does anyone feel tat the 6th pic of JM's eyes are a bit like Leader's??
When I saw it wif my fren she also said tat~~ It's like when Leader's eyes n hair in Please Be Nice To Me..
My fren n I felt tat but den dunno u guys~~ keke