Sunday, January 24, 2010

[Info] SS501 Merchandise from SendMall [ Lightstick ]

SS501 Lightstick selling in SendMall Korea
Price: 8000Won
Shipping Charges: 2500Won (free shipping with 30,000Won purhcased)
I believe only apply for delivery location in korea

Please repost with full credit
Do not hotlink graphics


ran said...

can't help but noticing the wings at the side :) so reminds me of a.n.jell from minamishineyo
*run away before getting bricked for hijacking ss501 ufo to talk about a.n.jell*

Mini UFO said...

*sayang* *sayang* I won't throw at you lar....

was trying to watch 'You are beautiful' on my big 40" LCD and it is jerking like mad... bohoo....

-youngsaeng ^^ said...

This is so sad!
The only store I know selling it in my country sells it at around 20000won T.T