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[Mag Translation] Trendy No. 5 (Part 4)

My thousand apologies to Summer.A for taking so long for posting up the last part of Trendy No. 5. Was pretty tight up with a lot of things till I simply has no chance to post it up. Taking the chance of the quiet day for today, I proof read the last part of her translation.

Here's the last part of Trendy No. 5. Hope you have enjoy the articles for the previous few parts, the last part is even more interesting and hilarious. Some of the story is so interesting that when you just imagine what has exactly happened and you will laugh/smile.

Lastly, I would like to convey my sincere thanks for Summer.A for translating such a long article, it has a total of 32 pages! Thank you so much Summer.A for bring such an enjoyable translation to us! Remember, you can also send her your thanks by leaving her the thank you note in the comments box. ^_^

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Enjoy reading!


Magazine Scans: vul31i@TripleSTW
English translation: Summer A. @
Please repost with FULL CREDIT

Cover Story: Media joint interview with SS501

[Green Box]
The sight of magazine snatching occurring throughout the interview

Trendy accidentally induced a hilarious snatching battle. Before the interview begun, the sharp-eyed Young Saeng and Kyu Jong discovered on the table, two Trendy magazines with SS501 on the cover. Young Saeng very politely enquired first, “May I have a look?” Of course! Then, he and Kyu Jong very happily flipped and looked through the Trendy magazine, simultaneously laughing and discussing about the photos and content inside.

The happy aura exuded by the two, of course immediately attracted the attention of the other three. “Oh~~” Hyung Jun discovered the item on Young Saeng’s hand and immediately attempted to snatch it. Unexpectedly, just after successfully pulling it over, the book was immediately again snatched away by Jung Min. Hyung Jun tried to take it back, but the book with Jung Min had then fallen into the hands of Hyun Joong. Hence during the entire interview session, the five of SS501 on one hand were busy answering the questions, on the other hand, were thinking of all sorts of methods, under the circumstance of not damaging the magazine, happily fought to look at their photoshoot and remember the actual senario during that time.


Despite being very pressed for time, SS501, still tried very hard to take time out of their schedule for this interview, although it wasn’t long, but hopefully it allows the fans to be even closer to them.

Question: After debut, is there any unforgettable birthday experience?

Jung Min: Only bad experience! (pouts) In Thailand…
(Upon listening to Jung Min mention about Thailand, the other four all laughed, Jung Min himself also burst out laughing) When the five of us went to Thailand to work, it was coincidentally my birthday, everyone agreed on having a birthday party. Oh…thinking back now I want to tear already! (Jung Min said and laughed simultaneously)

Because I was the birthday boy that day, Stylist noona still specially helped me style a very nice looking hair style. But that day, because of work, everyone was very tired, after returning to the hotel everyone said they wanted to shower first. Because I was done and prepared very quickly, so I went to the café first alone to surf the net and wait for everyone. However, after playing for a long time, two hours had passed and no one came for me. So I thought of returning to the room first!

Unexpectedly, on the way back to the room, when I was passing by the room next door, I suddenly discovered that the room next door was bustling with noise and very lively, everyone was inside and very happy, what is happening? I silently went back to my room, spent the DVD-watching birthday alone. Later I found out, actually no one realized that they had a birthday party without the birthday boy that day. It just happened that the DVD watched that day was musical “Grease”, maybe it’s because of this lucky coincidence, so later it allowed me to have the chance to act in the musical “ Grease”. Haha~ but everytime when I think about this incident, I still want to tear. (pretends to wipe away tears)

Hyun Joong: We debuted on the 8th of June and two days before debut (6th June) just happens to be my birthday, but because we were preparing to debut, so during that period of time there was a lot of work. On my birthday, coincidentally we were having the filming of the music video, the filming work carried on for the whole day, all my memories of that day was only “tired”, so that day I have a very tiring birthday which was unforgettable.
(Hyung Jun took the chance when Hyun Joong was answering the question, to try and snatch the Trendy magazine from Hyun Joong’s hands, he even used mandarin to softly call Jin Xian Zhong, Jin Xian Zhong (Hyun Joong’s Chinese name), finally Hyun Joong loosen his grip and just when Hyung Jun was being gleeful, it was his turn to answer questions again.)

Hyung Jun: My unforgettable birthday…

Hyun Joong: Aiyo, he cried really badly.

Jung Min: Hurry film him, hurry film him! (Jung Min directed the camera to purposely divert Hyung Jun’s attention, Kyu Jong also pretended to be a camera man and kept snapping shots of Hyung Jun. The moment Hyung Jun just opens his mouth to speak, he gets teased again, he could only could use “AiYoo” to protest)

Hyung Jun: Since debut there has been many touching birthdays, the one with the deepest impression is after debut when everyone for the first time helped me celebrate my birthday, it really made me very happy. (Jung Min started teasing at the side again, “Hyung Jun, don’t cry!” which made Hyun Joong laugh non-stop, Young Saeng while laughing pretended to console Hyung Jun by patting his back, but instead took the chance to take the book from him. Hyung Jun who wanted to answer the question very seriously glared at Jung Min who keep teasing him. But this glare made Hyun Joong and Kyu Jong tease him about the incident where he kept crying, Hyung Jun could only show an innocent face.)

Young Saeng: I also have many birthday memories that left very deep impressions on me. But the deepest impression was last year’s birthday party. After having the birthday party I realized, actually have more friends than I imagined, there were at least twenty over people who came to the party, everyone celebrated my birthday happily. But, the presents I received were very little, among the twenty people, only Hyun Joong gave me a present. Kyu Jong and Jung Min just said they will buy one for me later, eventually only Kyu Jong bought it.

Jung Min: (After listening about the present asked shockingly) I really didn’t buy a birthday present for you?

Hyun Joong: You only gave Hyung Jun a birthday present!

Jung Min: Oh, is that so? When it is your birthday this year, I will definitely buy a present for you.

Hyung Jun: Here, I am deeply apologetic. (Hyung Jun’s words made everyone burst out laughing, because Hyung Jun was also one of those who didn’t give any present)

Kyu Jong: There was once my birthday was on the day with an activity, the members and staff secretly prepared a cake for me to celebrate my birthday, that occasion really made me feel very surprise. And after I was on stage, I saw all the fans below the stage holding signs which wished me Happy Birthday, this made me very touched. I also received the bouquet which Jung Min gave me, I was really happy to receive so many wishes on my birthday, it was very unforgettable.

[Green Box]
Trendy’s little disclosure: About Young Saeng’s confession

As trendy was listening to Young Saeng describe his confession experience, there was this déjà vu feeling. After thinking hard, hurriedly flipped through the SS501 exclusive interview in the second issue of Trendy and the 1st Solo Album (Taiwan Edition), included in SS501’s 1st Solo Album Taiwan edition, Young Saeng’s solo 'It's not love?' (사랑인거죠). Young Saeng in the previous interview with Trendy, explained the message that his solo was trying to convey, it was really similar to the confession experience Young Saeng mentioned this time. Why don't everyone listen to this song, maybe Young Saeng used this confession experience to write this song!

Question: Hyun Joong likes very much to fish in private, has he been so with other members?

Hyun Joong: For fishing, I have been with Young Saeng a couple of times. But when Young Saeng and I went, we didn’t catch a single fish.
(After saying that, Hyun Joong and Young Saeng both laughed. Jung Min who was flipping through the magazine, heard that Hyun Joong only went fishing with Young Saeng and didn’t bring him along, made “Hrmp. Hrmp” jealous noises, pretending to be angry.)

Hyung Jun: We did go to fish together! During the time in Malaysia.

Kyu Jong: That's right, we went together in Malaysia.

Question: Does the other members like water (sea) activities?

Young Saeng: Fishing is quite interesting.

Hyung Jun: Swimming!
(because the pronunciation for swimming in Korean 소영su-yeong sounds a lot like swimming in mandarin – you yong (yeong) hence when the translating lady said 'you yong', the five members repeated after her, it seems like they really make use of every chance to seriously learn Chinese.)

Hyun Joong: Actually I don’t like the beach, I prefer the riverside. During summer, in Korea at Chuncheon, you can have jet ski, bungee jump or sail, at night you could even have a barbeque party.

Jung Min: (When it was time for Jung Min to answer, he was still looking at the Trendy magazine intensely) Is it me? I don’t like sports…hahahaha…

Kyu Jong: I….don’t like water. (Kyu Jong’s frightened expression made everyone laugh)

Question: SS501 who sings love ballads very well, in real life, are there any special confession experience?

Jung Min: About this question, let’s allow Kyu Jong answer first.

Kyu Jong: Confession oh~I need to think for a while! (wry smile)

Jung Min: Then, let us first invite our Love Professor Young Saeng, SS501’s love guide to answer first, but he doesn’t have much experience…(Jung Min’s introduction turned the initial high expectations into a round of laughter)

Young Saeng: Confessions ah… (sinks into deep thought) I only have experience of failed confessions. (The other four didn’t gave him any face and laughed loudly) Actually we liked each other, but I guess we didn’t have fate! We could only be separated in two places…so I wanted to give the girl a gift before we parted, hence I recorded a song as a present and gave it to her. (listening up till here Jung Min burst into laughter again), so even though we haven’t seen each other after that, but I still remember till now.

Hyung Jun: I…., also got dumped after confessing. How come it seems that everyone got dumped after confessing? (wonders) When I was in the first year of middle school, a girl first gave me Valentines’ Day Chocolates. I happily thought that the girl I liked likes me too, so I immediately went to confess to her. But instead…actually what I received was friendship chocolates. Hehe…, was rejected immediately.

Jung Min: Was immediately given a flying kick by the girl right! (Jung Min did a flying kick movement towards Hyung Jun, Hyun Joong even helped to give a side commentary, “Go away!”)

Hyun Joong: My confession method ah… you cannot confess once you like. It has to be after both parties have interacted and know each other, confirmed how the other party feels, then will I confess, so I don’t have much experience of getting rejected, because I have already confirmed the other person’s feelings.
(Hyun joong’s experience really causes the other four dongsaengs to admire and envy.)

Jung Min: On the surface, I look very full of confidence, but actually deep my heart inside, I still fear rejection. Really, maybe its because till now I haven’t met someone who I can like whole-heartedly, but confessing, to me, still has a level of difficulty, what happens if I get rejected like Hyung Jun? (Jung Min playfully did a flying kick movement again) I will be afraid and also do not want to get flying kicks. Therefore I will probably try to let the other party confess! Hehe…

[Green Box]
The unstoppable 'Tom and Jerry'

During the process of the interview, both of the Trendy magazines that were constantly being snatched around by the five, finally all landed in the hands of Jung Min. Hyung Jun who could never snatch the book over, wanted to make use of the chance when Jung Min was answering questions, to secretly snatch the magazine away from Jung Min’s thigh. Unfortunately, the moment he reached out, he was discovered by Jung Min and was scolded, “Hyung Jun! Now we are in the process of the interview, you cannot do this!” Hyung Jun could only silently pull his hand back unwillingly and pout. But Jung Min ah~, it seems like you also took the chance when Hyun Joong was answering questions and not paying attention to snatch the book over right?

Question: So does Jung Min accept a girl’s initiative to confess?

Jung Min: But like this...., I won’t like the girl anymore, (laughs) usually if I know or feel that a certain girl likes me a lot, I will probably try to escape.

Kyu Jong: In high school, I had a senior I liked a lot. I sung lee sung-gi’s내여자라니까 (You are my girl) for that senior and confessed to her. Although she didn’t accept initially, but I never gave up, in the end, the senior agreed to meet me. But after one month, she said she didn’t like me and didn’t want to meet anymore. After that I discovered, she went with another guy, although at that point of time, I did want to snatch her back, but the opponent was a senior from the school’s gym department so I gave up.
(Kyu Jong’s story was actually very sad, but it made everyone laugh once again)

Question: If you could be a fan’s date, to date for one day, what arrangements would you make?

Hyung Jun: Xiao Long Bao (Chinese) (note: Xiao Long Bao is a type of soup dumpling found in the Chinese cuisine.)

Jung Min: Oh? To eat Xiao Long Bao for the entire day?
(Young Saeng, Kyu Jong and Hyun Joong simultaneously did the action of pretending to continuously stuff food into the mouth.)

Hyun Joong: I would want to have a date at Jeju Island. The scenery there is beautiful and very clean, and there’s Jeju island’s famous local product salt water fish.

Hyung Jun: (Criticizes) Wants to go fish for salt water fish together for a date.
(After making eye contact with Jung Min, both of them started performing a fishing date.)

Hyun Joong: We can eat fresh and delicious seafood there happily. As for presents, can give Jeju island’s specialty - oranges. One oranges costs about ten thousand won! (slightly more than SGD11) The vitamin content of this orange, as compared to normal orange, it’s more than ten times. Eating it is good for the body and skin!

(Trendy OS: Korea really should invite Hyun Joong as their tourism spokesperson. After what Hyun Joong said, everyone probably now wants to go play in Jeju island with him!)

Hyung Jun: Hawaii, I want to go to the Hawaii beach to date, eat huge lobsters!

Young Saeng: (Criticizes) There is only a day’s time, you probably can only date on the plane!

Hyung Jun: For presents, I want to give a very huge and magnificent house.
(Jung Min and Hyun Joong kept teasing Hyung Jun at the side, “Although he gave the house, but he only gave the down payment portion, and collects rent for the remainings.” Hyun Joong still hilariously performed, every month calling to chase for the collection of rent, “Hello, it’s time to pay up for this month’s rent!” Jung Min couldn’t help but exclaim, “This sort of boyfriend is too terrifying!”)

Young Saeng: On that day, I would want to let my date be a happy princess. Drive a very cool sports car to pick her up, bring her to the most high class restaurant, and give her many many presents. The biggest present, of course would be the memorial photo of the prince and the princess. On that day, I want my princess to become the most fortunate person on earth!

Kyu Jong: I want to hold her hand on a street with many people and stroll leisurely. After that I will write a song based on that day’s happy mood, using the song as a present and sing to my date.

Jung Min: I want to go on a trip, a trip for only two people to go. Then spend a passionate night which only belongs to the both of us (laughs)
(Hyun Joong heard Jung Min saying about about the passionate night, and started humming background music that appeared in dramas' passionate scenes.)

Jung Min: That passionate night would be my present to her!
(After saying this, he gave a sexy expression and extra strong electric wink, which made everyone at the scene started to scream. KEKE~ Student Park Mal, your speech is too provocative, it will cause our Trendy magazine to be labelled with a restricted label!)

Question: The ideal type of marriage partner?

Jung Min: I hope that my future marriage partner can be someone who is filial to parents and magnanimous, a girl who treats the people around her very well.

Hyun Joong: I hope she will respect my job, can feel very free when we are together and an other half who is like a friend.

Hyung Jun: A girl who is hardworking, but not the type who is hardworking at housework. But someone who has her own job and can make money with me, or someone who can venture in terms of career with me.
(After listening to Hyung Jun’s answer, Jung Min couldn’t help but laugh out loud, Hyun Joong immediately helped Hyung Jun explain, “Double income family, he wants a double income family.”)

Young Saeng: I hope to meet someone who is well and good throughout her growing up process and spend happy and fortunate days with me in the future.

Kyu Jong: I hope I can meet a gentle girl who can spend a life without being chased by time, a relaxed and comfortable life.

Question: Who in SS501 believes there are aliens? Did anyone suspect that within the members, actually someone is an alien?

Jung Min: To judge using external look?
(although he asked as such, but his hand already pointed to Hyung Jun. At this moment, Hyun Joong using the position of the leader, stood out to “uphold justice” )

Hyun Joong: For the sake of being fair, we shall close our eyes and together point out the member whom everyone suspects is an alien!
(All the members of SS501 automatically started playing the game of pointing out who is the alien. When everyone have closed their eyes and were seriously trying to answer, only Hyung Jun’s eye remained wide open, his face full of grievance, as if he had already predicted the answer. And as expected, the other four members pointed to Hyung Jun. After the answer had been revealed, the four hyungs were evil and laughed happily, only Hyung Jun unwillingly complained, “You guys are really too much!”)

Jung Min: (Laughs) Look at Hyung Jun’s forehead ah~ chin ah~ it is really difficult not to suspect, he's totally an ET.

Hyun Joong: Hyung Jun ah, just colour him green and he definitely is an alien!
(Leader Kim who was initially most suspicious of the answer, also jumped out to add to Hyung Jun’s “crime”)

Jung Min: Isn’t it blue? I thought he was blue. HAHAHAHA….
(Hyung Jun who was initially protesting against the hyungs being too much, silently stuck out his index finger and played the ET telepathic game with Young Saeng and Kyu Jong as Hyun Joong and Jung Min were busy discussing whether he was blue or green. Hyung Jun, and you still claim not to be an alien?)

Hyung Jun: Hrmp! From today onwards, I want to start being an alien!

Hyun Joong: Hyung Jun really has the special powers and characteristics of an alien, which is to be easily being seen through.

Jung Ming: and no matter what he says is boring.
(Kyu Jong totally agrees and nods. The four simultaneously started laughing again, totally ignoring Hyung Jun who is full of grievance.)

(Mini UFO: LOL~ I think blue will be unique ^^ but SS501 colour is green.... hmm.... so Maknae, I also think you should be in Green. =P)

Question: If you really met aliens, what would you wish to do with the alien?

Hyun Joong: (very seriously) I genuinely seriously thought about this question before. If I met aliens, I would want to go to another planet with the alien, to have a look at a completely different outer space life.

Jung Min: I want the alien to give me medicine for immortality.

Hyung Jun: I want the alien to help me build a house. A very grand and huge infrastructure.

Jung Min: (Criticizes) Is it the one which you want to collect rent from your girlfriend? HAHAHA…

Young Saeng: I want a time machine. To return to the dinosaur times with the alien to have a look.

Kyu Jong: For me, I want to buy a handphone for the alien.

Young Saeng: (Criticizes) Alien should have handphone!

Kyu Jong: Not really?!
(The topic of whether alien has handphone or not surprisingly caused a heated discussion between Young Saeng and Kyu Jong who both usually are quiet and have few words. All the way till after the interview ended, not only did both of them have non-stop discussions, the other three also joined in the discussion topic….)

(Mini UFO: I have a handphone. Does that answer your questions? ^^)

Cover story: Trendy Exclusive: SS501 'A za A za Korean Song' Broadcasting Scene re-enecting

SS501’s last activity in their visit to Taiwan was 'BCC Entertainment E-Genration''s “A za A za Korean Song” hosted by Ken Wu. (Every Wednesday 11pm) On the day of recording, Ken had another activity and was unable to be there, hence was replaced by the cute Kimchi Little Sister to present the 'Cloudy' cupcakes to SS501 to congratulate their new album REBIRTH and to go to their hotel to interview SS501! SS501 has been working endlessly and their eyes lit up when they saw the cupcakes, They applauded and cheered while immediately began to enjoy Ken’s gift.

Showcase of SS501’s comedy

Facing many different flavours of cupcakes, Hyung Jun was in a dilemma and after much difficulty, he decided on the taro flavoured, but refused to eat it and insisted on smelling first. It would be better if he didn’t decide to smell because at his attempt in smelling, he got cream all over his nose. All the staff at the scene wanted to laugh but they couldn’t because it was a radio recording, it almost caused an “internal wound” disaster.

Jung Min’s comedian ability is not much lesser. Jung Min chose a cupcake named “Blueberry Queen”, he first praised the cake for looking cute and looked at in much detail for half the time before lifting his head to say “This… looks like contact lenses (referring to the blueberry on the cake), someone’s contact lenses have fallen onto my cake.” He made an action to pick up the blueberry and place it on his eye, which made Kyu Jong who was at the side can't take it and laugh out.

And how could Hyung Jun miss the chance of being mischievous? He immediately pretended to take off his contact lenses and threw it towards Jung Min’s cake: “Jung Min ah~ my contact lenses has fallen out.” However, it resulted in both Jung Min and Hyun Joong rolling their eyes, because Hyun Joong was seriously answering his question and hasn’t even had a bite of the cupcake.

Kyu Jong who had recently participated in a webtoon and had great performance was asked how he felt about fliming the kissing scene with the female lead. He first made a face, then shyly bend down his head smiling: “Very nervous, but also very happy.” Hyung Jun at the side shouted: “Cannot~ cannot bobo.”

And as Kyu Jong was being asked which female actress he would like to work with, the other four started being mischievous again…

Hyung Jun hurriedly helped Kyu Jong answer: “The actress he wants to work most with is Kim Hyung Jun!” Hyun Joong heard that and immediately let out a horrified expression, “Aigoo, so scary!” Young Saeng shook his head and said he wouldn’t dare to watch, Jung Min who was at the side helped Kyu Jong answer: “Definitely not (with Hyung Jun) film a kiss scene, definitely not!” Fortunately, Kyu Jong was not affected and calmly answered which female actress he wanted to work most with – Oh Se Jung, is an actress he has liked all along and who is also his ideal type.

Interview Scene which were like a hell of suppressing laughter

Hyung Jun is well known for being stingy, but will he be the same after having a girlfriend or getting married? Just as Kimchi Little Sister finished asking in mandarin, without waiting for the korean translation, Jung Min said immediately: “You’re asking about Hyung Jun being stingy right? Haha….”

Everyone didn’t give Hyung Jun a chance to answer at all and immediately nodded their heads, “Will! Hyung Jun definitely will be still be stingy.” Hyung Jun was at a loss for words.

Hyun Joong added oil to the fire, “By marrying Hyung Jun, you might even need to pay him!” Jung Min nodded his head furiously saying Yes Yes Yes, Young Saeng also said: “That’s right! That’s right!” Hyun Joong continued and said: “After getting married, because Hyung Jun wants a double income family..... (Hyung Jun immediately rebutted “It’s very tiring to earn money alone!”) so, everyday when he goes home, he will ask his wife: “Honey, how much did you earn today?“ and start counting the money.” As Hyun Joong said that, he acted it out, causing everyone to laugh and collapse onto the couch.

Next, when it was Hyun Joong’s turn to answer questions, although his voice sounds calm and matured, but it was nothing like this at the scene. He looked at the mike in detail for a long time, trying to figure out if it was possible to be dismantled, he then looked cross-eyed at the microphone, the entire scene sunk into a hell of suppressing laughter again.

(Mini UFO: Hyun Joong ah~ Next time I buy a whole box of mic for you to dismantle since you did this almost everywhere...)

As Hyun Joong was being comical, Jung Min was curious and ate the Pi Pa herbal throat soothing candy (Note: it helps soothe your throat and protect your voice) that Trendy brought for SS501. Jung Min showed a shocked expression and asked in a soft voice “ Is this really good for the throat?” And maybe because Jung Min’s expression was overly shocked, Kyu Jong immediately abandoned the thought of trying.

(Trendy OS: After the smelly tofu incident last time, in addition to this time’s Pi Pa herbal throat soothing candy, maybe Kyu Jong would never believe Trendy’s recommendations again! (cries) Kyu Jong ah~ This is guaranteed to be much better than the last time’s smelly tofu!)

Jung Min said there are many types of characters he wishes to challenge for acting, however, the one he wants most, is still the type which are very lively, outgoing and handsome role, or maybe the antagonist, for example: a murder. He even had an impromptu performance of being a murder, Hyung Jun raised his hand and voluntarily complemented the act, “I’m the victim!”

After Hyun Joong watched Jung Min’s impromptu act, he bluntly commented: “Hyung Jun role is very simple, from the beginning till the end there is only one line which is: “ Ahhh~”, then his head will drop down, end of performance and collect his pay. HAHAHAHA….”

To answer who in SS501 is the member who loves to hallucinate the most, Hyung Jun answer loudly in mandarin: “Jin Xian Zhong.” (Hyun Joong’s Chinese name) But the rest of the members silently used their fingers and pointed at, Hyung Jun.

Hyung Jun shouted out unbelievably: “Is it me? How can that be?” And later in each member’s revelations, Hyung Jun is not only the king of hallucination, but he also took the champion of being Da Leng Chang King (Note: 冷场Leng Chang literally means a cold atmosphere, meaning that whenever the person says something it will be followed by an awkward silence and the atmosphere just “dries up”)

(Trendy OS: Is…this counted as double champion?)

Time seems to fly in any place with SS501, although Trendy and Kimchi Little Sister have both hope so much to bring more of SS501 to everyone, but in order to leave more time for SS501 for their concert rehearsals, the interview recording this time also ended reluctantly in the laugher that SS501 brought.

Cover Story: SS501 Asia Tour Persona 2009 in Taipei

SS501’s concert which the Taiwan Pea Princesses have stretched their necks awaiting, have finally arrived at the Taipei Arena! On the day of the concert, there were 12,000 fans packed inside, not only did they use green light sticks to turn the Taipei Arena into a sea of green, they also had fan chants which they have been practicing for a long time and the screams which hit the roofs of the arena. SS501 couldn’t help but praise them on stage, the Taiwan pea princesses are the most passionate and enthusiastic. The high decibel cheers also allowed SS501 to completely feel the strong support given by the Taiwanese fans. SS501 totally sang 22 songs, although the arrangement of the songs were slightly different from the Seoul concert, but SS501 brought with full sincerity the new songs which were going to be released on 30 October new album. This included “Only One day”, “Wan.Dou.Gong.” (Song to fans) and the new album’s main hit song “Love Like This”. They also meticulously prepared a surprise, only for the Taiwan fans. Jung Min used mandarin to give a touching confession: “This is a song for everyone, because of your passion, it makes me feel very sweet” and the whole arena went crazy. The “Tian Mi Mi” was sung very accurately, Jung Min seemed like a high powered electric generator, sending off continuously electric waves to the entire audience along with the lyrics. The entire arena’s atmosphere was at it’s maximum high. Lastly, he said: “All of you are my little sweet heart.” which made everyone felt even more sweet in their hearts.

And the Taiwan pea princesses also specially prepared a birthday support for Young Saeng, whose birthday was arriving. The initial sea of green in the Taipei arena, during Young Saeng’s solo, turned blue, allowing him to present 이름없는기억(Nameless memory) in a sea of blue. Just as the stage and the audience below were engaged in pouring water on each other during the encore, SS501’s first Taiwan concert reluctantly ended.

[Green box]
The phrases SS501 always shouts before going on stage:

Before SS501 goes on stage they will shout two phrases to encourage each other. One is SS501 Mansae! (Long Live SS501!) and the other is AD Mansae, 'A' is from the group name of SS501’s dancer which is starting with A, and 'D' is from SS501‘s D. (Double S 501's D)

SS501 five missing one, paralyzes Terminal Two once again during sending off

After one exciting concert night, the time to part is also arriving. Hyun Joong left the next morning after the concert because of other schedule. He returned to Korea with the company’s president. As for the other members, they took the afternoon flight to leave Taiwan. The fans’ reluctance to part with SS501 cause a complete paralysis of the airport Terminal Two. It also caused the other tourists at the airport to keep enquiring, who exactly has such charisma? Without question, it is Korean’s top heavenly group SS501!


Transformation is the start of rebirth, completely new mature image, revealing unlimited possibilities in future.

SS501 2009 Latest Mini Album 'Rebirth'

After waiting for 1 year 7 month, SS501's 5 members joint hand, all Asia fans anticipating together.

Introducing the Taiwan Limited Edition A & B 'Rebirth' album, and the Korea Special Edition 'Rebirth album'


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Summer A, thank you so much for translating all 4 parts of Trendy, well-writeen and thorough! It's been a real joy to read, fun, cute, and hilarious. I just love SS501 and their adorkable interactions. <3 Thanks a bunch, Summer A and Mini UFO! :D

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Hahaha.. I totally burst of laughter!
I read it while having my lunch, I really can't swallow my food due to laughing so hard XD
they're so funny..

Thanks for upload MiniUFO & thanks to Summer A for the translations ^^
Really made my day.. lalalala~~ ^^

christine said...

omggg, i LOVE THEM ! <3

they're so adorable & act like such kids

of course kim hyun joong doesnt get rejected though <3

but i sooo wished this was in a video though T_T

Anonymous said...

i love saengie personality here...freetalk^^

like him and love him more and more<333

Sarah Jane said...

Regarding Leader wanting to dismantle mic. I remember He said something regarding dismantling or tearing apart anything he had his hands on @ SS501 IDOL WORLD Japan when he was on a train with Kyu & YS on their way to their mission. He jokingly asked the viewers with Kyu if they know a cure on this or know what is it to contact him thru Mnet. That was 2007. So he haven't change at all.

Anonymous said...

SS501 are really like Sinhwa. On interviews it always ends up in laughter and comedy. They both play around each other or bully someone and are not serious. Both Leader are 4D, very manly and handsome.

Anonymous said...

oh my, thanks for your translation! it must have taken you quite some time? thanks!!

I like Trendy's coverage on the boys! they not only just publish their answers to questions, but also describe what happened during the interview time! really enjoyable!

-youngsaeng ^^ said...

Hyunsaeng couple :D
Lucky Kyu gave Saengie some love too. If not birthday only one present a bit sad leh T.T
Like no one remember your birthday like that...*sniff* Got experience before ><"

Quarreling about the aliens with handphone XDD
Depend lah, if you go to undeveloped one only have pagar. Developed one even got touchphone :D

marydewitt said...

thanks Summer A for the translation. Love Trendy...for not just Q & A but telling us BTS is indeed very funny.

Summer A. said...

kamsahamnida everyone~!
send lots of love to them farfar away~ can't wait for the BKK persona, definitely have more news of them<3

Latigre said...

I enjoy reading this mag very much. They are so adorable and sweet.
SummerA, MiniUFO - Thank you very much for the translation.