Friday, January 29, 2010

[Info] SNSD 2nd Album Thanks To, Jessica & Sunny mentioned HyunJoong & HyungJoon respectively [2010.01.28]

Thanks XiaoChu for the translation. ^^

BTW, SNSD Encore Concert happened to fall on the same day as SS501's Encore Concert. Guess leader & Young Saeng must be sad since they can't visit SNSD concert this time! =P


Credits : on pic + SS601 + (English Translation) xiaochu @
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[Info] SNSD 2nd Album Thanks To, Jessica & Sunny mentioned HyunJoong & HyungJoon respectively [2010.01.28]

Jessica’s Thanks To :
(3rd line) HyunJoong oppa, YeoNi Unni, JuHyun Unni, Jji Unni, JjungYoung Unni, everyone knew even if I don’t say right?

Sunny’s Thanks To :
(10th line, Thanking THE M staffs…) My ex-partner big-eyes HyungJooni oppa!


stalking_hj said...

Hyunjoong just the only oppa there... Hmm..

Anonymous said...

hmmmm...huhuhu...poor young saengT_T
its ok ys,you hv us^^

Anonymous said...

Why did they thank the SS501 members? o__O

Anonymous said...

i reawi love the fact that leader is close friends with so many ppl... it really shows what a great person he is to be around ^-^

bibi287 said...

Hyun Joong, Yes.Ok
Hyun Joon? no.I think ...Hyun Pi, Why it's Hyun Joon ^ ^

Panda Brenda said...

cagali... you are wrong... Young Saeng won't be sad because I'll be there to watch him.. so he is super duper happy lor.. muahahahah

Anonymous said...

Jessica thank HJL why? Umm maybe there was a rumor before that JJ dated Jessica so they became close thru JJ. I wonder???

Anonymous said...

Hyungjun and Sunny, they're ex-parter cause once they were MC from 'The M' program. right??

圆圆동생 said...

Hyung u v.wrong....
YS will be sad not bcos he cannot go SNSD concert, but it is because i didnt go to see him perform


^smile till eye turn 2 lines

圆圆동생 said...

#Snatch YS fr Brenda#

Anonymous said...

there are 2 more articles on the gamer show... if you are free to translate... hehehe :)


Anonymous said...


why is SNSD's concert on the say day ;O

not that i will rather go to SNSD, i'll choose ss501 in a heartbeat ! <3

but this is really a drawback, cause it possibly lessens the amount of fans to attend theirs T_T