Sunday, January 24, 2010

[Photo] Jungmin Intimate note 3 [2010.01.22]

MBC Every1 'Life Theatre 2010' Chi sub featuring Jung Min is out today in No.43 shall wait for someone to upload onto Youtube tml ㅇvㅇ

Well, i was staring at Leader Tony Moly Japan Limited Edition Valentines Day set for the pass 1hr... i think Mini UFO should be a more suitable person to open the thread, she will blame me if i type too little description ㅇ^ㅇ


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Anonymous said...

sexy charisma park jung min ~~~~~~~~~~

turtle said...

I love his 'S'!!

turtle said...

omg, i jus realised it sounds so wrong if i were to say it.

i mean i love how he wrote that "S". ><