Thursday, January 28, 2010

[News][2010.01.28] SS501 Park JungMin, Paid Adult Fare to Public Bath House During Elementary School? ‘Because of Old Looks’

Did you watch CEO Park's 'Life Theatre 2010' yesterday? If you hasn't, please check here for Ep 2 video.

Thanks XiaoChu for the news! ^^ Remember to watch 'Intimate Note 3' tomorrow in SBS, at 9.55pm.


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[News][2010.01.28] SS501 Park JungMin, Paid Adult Fare to Public Bath House During Elementary School? ‘Because of Old Looks’

SS501 Park JungMin revealed an incident where he had to pay for adult fare to public bath house when he was still an elementary student as he looked old.

Park JungMin said in ‘Close Friend Beyond Age’, a section off SBS ‘Intimate Note 3’ broadcasted on 29-Jan that “I haven’t heard that I have a baby face in my whole life. When I was still an elementary student, I look like what I am now.”

“When I went to public bath houses, I was often told to pay for the adult fare.” Park JungMin confessed while making the others laugh.

On the other hand, Brian talked about his experience about 2 months ago, he went to buy something and was given student discount as the person thought that he is a high school student.

Stories of the stars due to baby face and old face will be broadcasted on 29-Jan at 9.55pm.


mel_1223 said...

Haha i definitely dun mind Minnie looking older than his agel. He looked very nice and matured and really, his looks been almost the same for the past few years..

This noona likes it :)kekeke

Anonymous said...

jejeje I am one year younger than him, and I dont think that he looks old at all, I think that his face hasnt change at all in the past years, and as someone told him in a interviwe offten is his way of talking and his manners what makes him looks older

Anonymous said...

JungMin looks old???? HOW????

turtle said...

i think he is getting younger and younger.

Jericho said...

Hi Cagali,
Here's a link to some news on Leader if u r interested -

Mini UFO said...

Thanks Jericho. Will translate later. ^^

Anonymous said...

hey miniUFO, it sld be under the label intimate note, no? :D

Mini UFO said...

You are right! Thanks Anonymous!