Friday, January 22, 2010

[Video+ Photo] Hyung Jun on MBC game Preview

Guess we need some diversion from all the confusion of the recent development from Leader issue. By the way, remember to watch Jung Min's Intimate Note 3 tonight.

Here's a new program which Hyung Jun will participated in - Progamer. To be broadcast on next wednesday, 27 January, 4pm in MBC!

1st broadcast on January 27, Wednesday, 4.00pm!

Credit: poohhl@youtube
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[Video] Hyung Jun on MBC Progamer Preview


turtle said...

he is seriously damn cute!!!

trippi said...

oooh! maknae looks good!
is it something about gaming?
i remember an m!pick epi where the boys ditched vocal training to go out and play videogames. leader and baby played soccer on the playstation and maknae beat the hell out of leader! haha. they all say that maknae is the best in gaming.
also, i remember the u-kiss epi where they toured baby and kibum's house. they had a wii and everything!
hope this is a regular show for him, suits him well. and it'll be something he enjoys!

ran said...

wow baby surely looks good in racer suit. is this a one-time show or a weekly type? meaning: will he be the mc or just a guest?

Anonymous said...

Baby Joong looks so cute and looks so young but when he is with his brother Kibum his persona changes he becomes more mature and act like a real hyung/big brother