Wednesday, January 20, 2010

[News][2010.01.18] "1st work, I am also very nervous" Musical 'Grease'

Congratulations to Jung Min for winning the 'Most Anticipated Musical' award for his 1st musical. Hope to see more of his performance in musical in future! ^_^


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[News][2010.01.18] "1st work, I am also very nervous" Musical 'Grease'

Park Jung Min won the '2009 Golden Ticket award' - 'Most anticipated Musical' award with his role 'Danny'. "Heard that it is an award solely based on netizen votes." Park Jung Min showed his brilliant smile while giving his thank you speech.

"Firstly, I would like to express my thanks to all fans who have suffered (smile) to vote for me. Being able to win the award for my first musical performance, I am very happy. To me, this is the 1st Award I received in 2010, it is even more meaningful."

While he mentioned that because of acting in drama, he had to work overnight for 2 continuously days, he still tried his best to answer the question in very alert condition.

"It was very tiring when practicing. Everyday I have to dance continuously for more than 10 hours for the whole day, therefore my knees were hurt. Since this was my first time on stage, I was very nervous. However, because there were a lot of friends, so while we supervised each other it was completed happily."

In year 2010, the musical market is in need of more stars. Without doubt, Park Jung Min who is good in singing and with a superb looks is being contacted many times.

"There are a lot of new musical directors who have passed me their scripts. 'Grease' allows me to become an actor who can select products (smile), I am very happy. Because knowing the fun of musicals, no matter what, I would want to go back to the musical stage.

Not the looked which I show to everyone in 'Grease' but wanting to present a completely new look to you. For this, I am very distressed.

SS501 will release their new album in the 1st half of 2010. Just wait for a while, I will come back as the musical actor, Park Jung Min."


iluvdumplings said...

I saw his speech in Korean and was waiting for a kind soul to translate. It's great to hear of his success. Thanks for sharing :)

maknaeXD07 said...

is SS501 really releasing an album the first half of this year?!?!? If so, I should really save up and anticipate!^^