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[News][2010.01.19]Korea netizen opinions of Kim Hyun Joong attending former president's birthday party

Many of you might not know what kind of criticism Hyun Joong received from the netizens. I guess from this news, you would be able to read more about this and understand why he has send out such messages in SS501 official site.

I am really glad that the reporters have been very kind to him, from the news, I can feel that the reporters didn't really try to put him down but more or less helping him by not using too much negative words on him. They would definitely have to report about this since it was their duty. Guess the Korean TripleS might have requested the reporters to spare him for bad reports too since in previous news we read that the reporters has not released the photographs of him shaking hand with the former president. Just imagine if this news were reported by the famous 'fruity' newspaper in Hong Kong, I think the report would be disastrous.

On a side note, Liezle's has received more than 2500 encouragement messages for Hyun Joong via her blog, these messages will be posted in the Korea 'Perfect Cafe'. I hope leader will cheer up after looking through all these cheer up messages, hope that each and every cheer up messages will cancel off the unhappiness he received from each anti messages! ^_^

Leader cheer up and go back to your usual self. We hope to see your smile again!


Credit: mydaily + (Chinese translation) 妃茵 @ TripleS.TW + (English translation)
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[News][2010.01.19]Korea netizen opinions of Kim Hyun Joong attending former president's birthday party

SS501 Kim Hyun Joong received unrelenting attacks from Korea netizen due to his participation in former president Chun Doo Hwan's 80th birthday party which was not of his own will.

On the night of 18th, 6pm, at a wedding hall in Seoul Gangnam-go, former president Chun Doo Hwan's 80th birthday party, Kim Hyun Joong made a surprise appearance of over 10mins. It was said that he was there together with his management company, DSP CEO to greet former president Chun Doo Hwan.

According to one journalist who went to interview on that day, Kim Hyun Joong was indeed there together with his management company CEO and he did go infront of the former president couple to shake hand and greet them. When the former president secretary introduced Kim Hyun Joong to the former president couple, the former president Chun Doo Hwan said: "Ah~ So you are Kim Hyun Joong." and happily welcome Kim Hyun Joong.

Due to this and being despised by Korea netizen, Kim Hyun Joong revealed through SS501 official website: "Today I was a bit hurt, so I came to leave my message. I only went to attend my CEO's birthday, why did everybody have to say like this? Although I did attended the former president birthday party, what political power do I have?"

However, the netizen thought that Kim Hyun Joong wasn't careful when choosing to attend the birthday party. The netizens said: "As it was a sensitive occasion, he should be extra careful with his choice. It is too late to explain after the incident, if he was more careful in the first place, there won't be such news isn't it?"

Other than that, other netizens reprimanded: "Living in this society, it is inevitable that there might be some incident that might caused misunderstanding by others. However, if only when there is some misunderstanding and then saying that you will take in full responsibilities, then who will be responsible for those irresponsible person?"
(妃茵 note: Because Hyun Joong mentioned in his message that he will hold full responsibilities in his own name for this incident)

Towards the management company CEO who brought Kim Hyun Joong to attend the birthday party, his inconsiderate act also received bombardments from netizen. The netizens expressed, since Kim Hyun Joong is a well known artist, for the sake of Kim Hyun Joong, his CEO shouldn't bring him to attend the former president Chun Doo Hwan's birthday party which would cause the whole Korean's resentments.

DSP released their notice yesterday regarding this, as they have originally scheduled to have dinner with CEO Lee's to celebrate his birthday, before the dinner, since Kim Hyun Joong has some private schedule, CEO Lee accompanied him to go to the meeting place, on their way, CEO Lee received a phone call and as a last minute notice, he brought along Kim Hyun Joong to the former president birthday party location."

Certain netizen responded sarcastically to his company notice. "For the management company to do such move, it was really very inappropriate. They were really reckless to even bring their popular artist to such occasion. They should obviously knew that how bad the impression the whole Koreans have towards the former president Chun Doo Hwan."


Anonymous said...

Thanks for this news. I had been wondering exactly what the netizens have been saying. IMO, the comments weren't that bad or extreme. I also agree that he (or rather the DSP Pres) should have been more careful considering his fame. If the comments are only like these, then I am sure he can recover quickly. But I read on soompi that some crazy netizens even asked for him to be hanged/leave the group, those are what I cannot tolerate!

Mini UFO said...

This is why I say the reporters really spare him. They could have choosen the most vicious comments and make a big news about it, but yet they didn't do it. Therefore, I am really thankful for that.

helen from Vancouver said...

What can we say. Korean people have very strong national consciousness and integrity. Once the public known figure has done something inappropriate, people would criticize him or her ruthlessly. Korean people always express their mighty obvious love and hatred directly which will in fact hurt the criticized. Really hope our poor HJ will forget all this nasty unhappiness and cheer up quickly. Fighting our lovely Hyun Joong. We all love you!!!!

jackuon said...

Thanks for sharing, Mini UFO. I agree that the news media are thankfully cooperative. I'm a little confused about the responsibilities part though?

But I actually feel more upset after reading these comments. I thought it was just narrow-minded netizens' initial hateful reaction to HJL being associated with ex-Pres., but now I see that even after the explanations, they are still criticizing and defending their negative comments. They are unfairly belittling both HJL and DSP for "allowing" him to be there, and they are scornfully dismissing their honest statements. I now empathize with HJL's frustration and hurt even more. =(

I hope this goes away quickly, and I hope HJL will become cheerful again soon. <3 And I hope all those evil netizens step in dog poo. XP

Anonymous said...

many thanks to my korean friend who translated leader's recent message on DSP webbie:
Title "I checked up on the internet once today and got hurt, so I shall write a reply"
Message "U people who murder using your fingers to type, do not criticize anymore... If you say you will leave it alone, have the guts to leave it alone"

Wuri leader, pls don't let this affect you too badly, there are thousands of netizens and fans who support you all the way, even when I checked All Kpop webbie, so many ppl expressed their support for you. I know it's hard to ignore malicious comments, but we know your kind and tender heart, and we believe in you!
Keeping you in our prayers! This is going to be a fantastic year for you! We're always here for you!!

Thanks MiniUFO for the translated article, it made my heart feel slightly better too ^^

Elise said...

I'm really glad the news has spared Hyun Joong from worst criticisms coming from other evil netizens. At least, if Hyun Joong sees the news he won't be that hurt...but some critisms that i have read myself on the internet was truly hurtful! i can't believe someone could say such things to our beloved idol. It's totally inappropiate. I'm really glad 2500+ supporting comments were posted on PERFECT for Leader. Don't worry, we will always be on your side.

Stay strong and healthy.
Hyun Joong Leader forever! <333

Anonymous said...

Yeps actually the press did say that the fans asked them not to release the photos, and that they were 'fully aware of the feelings of fans and did not want their beloved idol to be linked to politics'. Must really be thankful to them for that. Anyway good thing they're all okay now!

davina said...

Thanks cagali for stralating the news. Hope he's OK. I'm praying for him. So worry for him like last year when he got flu. Leader please be strong and be healthy.

davina said...

Sorry my typos, thanks Cagali for translating the new.

stephanie 오혜사 said...

poor HJL, hope he's ok now..

they should really consider the many aspects that caused HJL to attend that's not like he wanted to..
sometimes people are just too mean
and easily angered..

Take care Hyun Joong, please stay well..김현중-오빠, 사랑해 <3