Saturday, January 23, 2010

[Photo] Double HJ 'Bobo'

Heee.... when I read the fan account long time ago, I have thought they REALLY have a 'bobo'. =P Well, I think to much.... *Shy* Actually it is just a fake one. But it is good enough to make you scream when looking at it. ^^

Look at their shy look after the 'bobo'..... kekekeke.....

Thanks Sherry for sharing this animated GIF in SS601.


Credit: Sherry @ SS601
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blaire said...

OMG OMG OMG OMG LOL ARGHHHHHHHH *fan scream* OMG this just made my day!!! gahhh :DDDDDDD

Kim Tu said...

AAAAAAAAA *screaming so bad* I did almost have a heart attack when seeing this~~ they are sooooo cute together~ they re also my favourite couple~ love to see them so close like this~ thank u for sharing it~

Anonymous said...

oh no..Double HJ are SO CUTE...haha~~
*keep laughing* LOL!!


Anonymous said...

If Leader did that too me, I would definitely lean in..kekeke