Sunday, December 20, 2009

[Fancam] SS501 At Gimpo Airport Return From Japan 091220

Watching the video and realized that leader was in cloud 9 today! He was not cool like usual when he arrived in airport with a stiff look and just look straight only. Look at his smile when he just exited from the restricted zone and looked at the way he walked, you can feel his steps were lighter (because he jumped, jumped, jumped ^^). Haha.... Leader is also a fanboy, just attending a concert can make him so happy? Guess he probably felt the same as us when we attend Persona Concert! ^^

Oh.... to add on.... did you notice for the HSScandal video, our Prince Young Saeng did swing his hair.... ^^ (This comment is from 圆圆亲)


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[Fancam] 2009.12.20 Hyun Joong focus arrival in Gimpo Airport from Japan

[Fancam2] 2009.12.20 SS501 arrival in Gimpo Airport from Japan

Credit: & shirbogurl3@YT

Credit: & shirbogurl3@YT

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ivy said...

Mini UFO, unable to watch the video by
i had try many times


Anonymous said...

I think differently from your comment. According to the clip, leader came out the same time as the group but he was left behind due to other travellers exiting the same time and that is why he "ran" abit to do the "catch" up.