Sunday, December 20, 2009

[Info] Persona Thailand date postponed to 13 February 2010

I have originally wanted to wait till the official notice is released then informing you about this. Anyway, since it is already released, let me just informed you. Yes. Persona Thailand's date is postponed again!

I received a short email from Mel yesterday afternoon. She mentioned that Persona Thailand is postponed to 13 February and she will give me more when she is back from the organizer with details. I was shocked when I heard about it! Because, after all, 13 February is Eve of Chinese New Year! It would mean that most Chinese TripleS might not be able to attend Persona Thailand. I was hoping that there might be a change when she come back from the discussion.

Anyway, she told me about this yesterday night, it is CONFIRMED. The date will be postponed to 13 Feb 2010, eve of Chinese new year. She also mentioned this might be the last Persona Concert, i.e. no more Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines Concert as per released in news. Persona Thailand will be followed by the encore concert in Korea which might be on end February. So the concert that Jung Min mentioned during Persona Hong Kong press conference was actually the encore concert. DSP will be releasing an official notice regarding this on Monday.

I know some, especially the chinese might be crying now.... because it is eve of Chinese New Year. Just for the information of other that might not know about this. Eve of Chinese New Year is considered as one BIG day for the chinese, this is a day which the whole family members will return back from their various locations and sit down together to have a reunion dinner. In some families, absence from it is a definite NO NO. I don't know what DSP is thinking? Doing this might also meant that they will loose most attendance from Chinese TripleS. Of all the dates, why choose this date!! They could have changed the date to a little bit earlier, like 1 week before this, at least most will be able to attend. Sigh.... Are they trying to test the 'loyalty' of fans? :(

Well, the only 'good' news is........ if you really really want to cancel the Persona Thailand ticket, it will be refunded in full. However, I guess the major damage would be on the cancellation/amendments of your air ticket and hotel bookings. I feel the pain of most of you.....

According to Mel, SS501 will be arriving in Bangkok on the 11 February and there will be a 'Meet & Greet Session' with fans. Those who purchased the concert ticket might win a chance to meet them. Heard that there might be a premium gift attached with the ticket. The theme for this concert will be Valentine's day.

Well, I guess you better wait for the official released on Monday for more detail and confirmed information, I don't know whether the fickle minded DSP will change again during this 24 hours.


wen0607 said...

I'm speechless now....... T.T

Actually when I know about this issue...I was so shocked!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Calgari for sharing. Glad to know that you've recovered.

But... sad to read about the changes.. sooooo angry at the same time. Arrrr.. I haven't been to any of their concert not even the upcoming BKK one.

Hmmmmm my guess is correct, ever since Jung Min mentioned about their Seoul encore concert, my six sense is telling me that Seoul like be their last and SG will never happen.

Xiaofen said...

Im glad that you are well ! But im really sad like the others. I been waiting for the singapore concert and now is cancel. Haiiss :(

violettacal said...

Yes you are absolutely right! CNY eve is probably the most important day of the entire lunar new year. Chances are most chinese TS WILL NOT be able to attend because our parent might just "disown" us for doing that!

Airight, not to the extreme of disowning but it's almost there.

And I, am devastated. Bought the tix, done with the lodging. Thankfully the airtix wasn't arranged as yet.

Oh gosh why are they doing this to us~

Neways.. my apologies for ranting here... :(

Felicia . said...

Why did they change it again! And I hope they'll do away with Bangkok being the last stop! SG and MY fans would be so sad!


I wanted to go for either MY's or SG's concert!!! D:

I love Korea!! said...

Aww..i really hope they don't cancel the SG concert! I have been looking forward to it for months. Hope the fickle minded DSP will change their mind again.

SunnyLovesSS501 said...

february 13 2009?
isn't it 2010?
well btw..p
postponed again :(
many triple s are very excited..
then the next day,
its valentine's day!
wooh, so excited..
thanks for sharing!

Mini UFO said...

My bad.... sorry.... Feb 13, 2010.

marydewitt said...

I will have to cancel my trip to BKK if they really cancel the concert on 9 Jan...I have already bought my air ticket...sob sob...

without the concert, there is nothing much for me to do in BKK...

Mini UFO said...

I am sorry to hear that some of you have already booked your air tickets hotel lodging etc.

Also, don't pin much hope that there will be SG & Msia concert, because it is more or less finalized.

Just save more $ to go to the encore concert. It will be costly though. More costly than going to both SG & Msia concert all together!

圆圆粉 said...

Seoul Encore Concert in Feb @@!
seem like wat i sae previously is right. My Chinese isnt't that bad to udns the HK reports, hehe

Human just wan to listen to good stuff n deny the bad 1 =D

shanshan said...

totally speechless and disappointed coz last time they already mention will come over MY for the concert. becoz of that i was waiting for that concert.haiz...dunoo wat to mood.......=(

June said...

i guess the boys wont be able to celebrate CNY with their families too since...korean celebrate their neew year same with chinese...

xdefiine said...

No singapore one..
great. -faints-
the money i saved from long time ago seems useless to me now.
aish. but.. to koreans, they also celebrate Chinese New Year! i remember going to korea during the chinese new year period and.. alot shops were closed. and the tour guide had to go home early to celebrate with her family.. so the boys need to celebrate that right!? what is dsp even thinking. #_#.

weiling said...

omg...faint ...i feb also cannot take leave becoz my other collengues need to go back to their hometown...sian...very disspointed always like this!!!
i think i gg to refund the concert tix

micaela said...

that's horrible... =( what's dsp thingking?! =( and no more concert in phils or malaysia? =( that's really upsetting... =( i don't get it... =(

Mimiko ♥ said...

Wasn't it postponed due to the reason that the band Green Day is taking over? Because there were just some announcing about Green Day is going to have the concert at the same place in 12 Jan 2010 which would be hard to change the stage and all other stuff if ss501 is going to use it 2 days before that.

Well, hope they will announce the reason in Monday :(

Anonymous said...

Same goes to me. have to refund the tix.

Worst is that I have bought the plane tix. So now I dunno what to do in BKK on the 9th.

Weird though about the 13 Feb. (i have a feeling that they'll cancel this too). Thai's are 70-80% chinese. So it would be like half of the TS that would be cancelling their tix. & this doesnt count those overseas fan like me. blurghh. even the shops would be close. It will be pretty hard to find a place to even eat.

Cant they find a better date to postpond. Well, better refund the tix & buy their CD. That's the only hope to see them.