Sunday, December 20, 2009

[Fan Account] SS501 Christmas Show in Japan 2009.12.19

Thanks for the concern and get well messages from all of you. I am fully recovered after having a good rest in Planet Hyun and the nice curry from 圆圆亲. ^_^ Probably because for this week I have been working too hard in office, working overtime for consecutively 3 days and the stress of the work got to me! Anyway, I have a good rest, at least now I am fully recharged! Now it is time to give you some updates! (BTW, really thanks for 圆圆亲, she has been doing the updating while I was recharging. Gamsahamnida!)

A big thanks to SaengiePB for sharing this info with me, she attended the Christmas Party of SS501 in Japan. She is sooooo fortunate to celebrate Christmas with them! I wish I could celebrate Christmas with SS501 too!


Credit: SaengiePB +
Please repost with full credit

This is a short description of the event.

Dinner started on the dot and food was served.

The show started at around 8pm with 'Love Like this', follow by a few more songs. Then SS501 talked and played games with some TripleS.

Following by that, the most exciting part was the 'candle lighting services', the boys were going to tables to tables to light the candles, it's like Hyun Joong will start to light table 1 candles and fans in that table will pass around and the last person in table 1 will pass the light to Young Saeng and it went on like that.

They are dressed in grey and white tuxedo.

These are songs that the boys sang during the party
1) Love like this
2) Snow Prince
3) Coward
4) Always and Forever
5) Hoshizora
6) Green Pea <--- now this is a real surprise.. in Japanese.. it's not in Korean...
7) Because I am stupid
8) All My love
9) Distance ~君とのキョリ


snoopy said...

Hey UFO,

Do take good care of your health...Listen to your body signal..chinese saying: taking a rest is preparing for longer path [xiu xi shi wei le zou ge yuan de lu]

The xmas show sounds fun and "close" interaction with the princes...imagining the scene while reading the updates...

Jericho said...

Hi Cagali,

Glad to know that you're OK now. On Fri, I sorta know something is wrong, so I was right. Do take care. Thanks for all the new updates.

Mini UFO said...

Thanks Jericho & all for your concern. I am ok now.

Friday I simply can't think right because the migraine is too severe and I still have to work since I have datelines to fulfill. That's why there is no updates at all.

Jericho said...

I hv migraines too sometimes, it can really make me very moody n sickly, like loose interest in everything. Let's hope it won't hit us again soon.

Mini UFO said...

I also always have but it was not as terrible as Friday's. That is a killer. I think I do everything 3x slower than usual. Luckily nobody come to provoke me else I think I can kill people. LOL ^^