Tuesday, December 22, 2009

[Photo] Hyun Joong @ SS501 ~ 2nd Japan Christmas Show

Awww....... at last...... photographs of Hyun Joong at the 2nd Japan Christmas Show! Thanks love-hj for sharing this photographs in SS601. Hyun Joong is sooooooooo handsome in tuxedo! His hairstyle is so cute cute boyish... ^^


Credit: Cafe.daum.net/KimHyunJoong + love-hj @ SS601
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Dinner scene

Flowers sent by TripleS

Boxes to hold presents given by TripleS

Prince Charming in white~~
Too charming~~~
I am going to faint~~

So who is the lucky winner?
Look at his playful behaviour ^^

Is Kyu Jong trying to listen to the Christmas card?

Oh~~ I need to calm down~~~
How can a person be so charming in all angles~~

Did he bring back whole bag full of presents?


helen said...

Mini UFO.....

how come there is a such a charming and gorgeous man in this planet!!!!!...

are these pics for my tea time?????

no need to have dinner tonite!!!!

trouble helen (hk)

ivy said...



Mini UFO said...

太迟了..... 我已经飞回我的贤星接受紧救了! 不然明天报章头条:"不明飞行物体撞坏多栋建筑物" ^^

Jericho said...

Leader is really cute looking with his hair like that. Look so young n boyish.:D

Anonymous said...

Leader looks SOOO young and adorable with his hair down, and little makeup. Oh Gosh, he's good looking and so young, this noona want to bring him home and feed him.

Yeah SS501 !!! said...

woooooh Hyun Joong looked so cute while recording the Christmas message and my Kyu looked soooooo adorable listening to the recorded message in the card..

They (SS501) looked so handsome in gray and white suits..

Thanks mini ufo for the photos..