Tuesday, January 19, 2010

[2010.01.19] Rumours regarding Singer Kim Hyun Joong attending ex-President Chun Doo Hwan birthday party

I know a lot of you have been left with a lot of confusion after reading message from DSP and leader. Hope that this news will clear up the doubts in your mind.

The reason why this issue has been blown up was because of some deeds that this former president has done is not pleasing to a lot of koreans. To know more about this, please read this wiki about Chun Doo Hwan.

No matter what, what is done is done, we could not turn back time. All we have to do now is giving leader all the support he need. Cheer him up through this unhappy period. Let him know that we TripleS will always stay with him.

Leader, please cheer up! You always bring smiles and happiness to us, now let us do our part to return back the smiles & happiness to you! Fighting leader!


Credit: SS601 + (Chinese translation) julieann@hyunjoongchina.com + (English translation) SS501UFO.blogspot.com
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[2010.01.19] Rumours regarding Singer Kim Hyun Joong attending ex-President Chun Doo Hwan birthday party

Already confirmed with the news report and confirmed that it is the truth...."We have the photographs but do not release."

On 18th evening, everybody has many speculations about whether Kim Hyun Joong attended the former President's 80th birthday party, and many has started to discuss about this.

According to the news report regarding the 18th, former President Chun Doo Hwan held his 80th birthday party in one of the wedding event hall in Seoul, Gangnam-go. Attending the events were many former cabinet members during his presidency, military officers and active politicians. Attracting most attention was popular singer SS501's Kim Hyun Joong who was also among the guest.

Once the news was released, netizen immediately raised their opinion regarding 'Reason of Kim Hyun Joong actually didn't attend', most of the opinion think that the news report was biased, and the news started to spread in a flash.

Because certain netizen's opinion were too intense, causing media who mainly report entertainment news quickly reported news regarding "Kim Hyun Joong management company strongly deny". All in a sudden, the original news report was mistaken as a wrong news.

However, after further investigation with the related news company, after confirmation, Kim Hyun Joong actually attended the former president birthday party.

The news editor department related person revealed on 19th, "Kim Hyun Joong really attended the former president's birthday party, we not even have the proof, and also hold photographs of Kim Hyun Joong shaking the former president hand during that time." He further explained, "We do not release the photo because of requests from fans, we are fully awared of their feelings of not wanting their beloved idol to be linked to politics."

"The reason Kim Hyun Joong attending the party was because their company higher management is the former president close friend. Therefore regarding Kim Hyun Joong attending the birthday party, he himself do not have any relation with politics."

Also, Kim Hyun Joong's management company personnel when being interviewed also pointed out "Because this is his personal schedule, the company could not fully control, and also we had already requested the media to modify the contents of the news reports."

The management company hope that the wrong news report of Kim Hyun Joong didn't attend the party will be rectified, so that it would not mislead the general public and also hope that this topic will calm down soon.


♥_얍카이_TRIPLE S 4eVeR_♥ said...

Finally, I knew what have happened.
Since I'm still a BabyGirl to my family, means I'm still young(13.5yrs old). Haha~~
I juz couldnt get wat have happened at first, but now I think I have got most of it. hehe^^

Thx for ur information.♥ keke

Anonymous said...

oh no is getting more confusing now! can somebody summaries it?

Sunshinecrush said...

Hyunjoong oppa, don't worry too much about it. Hope that this matter will pass by quickly.

You have always been very thoughtful to us, and now is our time to support you, please continue to smile and know that we will be here for you always! Fighting! ^^

Anonymous said...

do you think you can tell me the url for Perfect cafe? i would like to drop by and look around :D

thanks :D

turtle said...

i am still v v v v confused?
he just went to wish the CEO happy birthday right? what did the public say that hurt him? i don understand at all. why can't he be there? wad is the problem with him being there?

i'm so sorry. i'm seriously super duper confused right now.

no matter what, TS will definitely stand by Leader. and Leader, don't be affected by these people ignorance and childishness. =)


turtle said...

omg. i've read allkpop and i finally understood what happened.

he had no choice right? even though how much ppl hated the president, he still needed to wish him out of respect.

if he din go, will ppl blame Leader for being disrepectful?

omg, politics rlly gives me headache.


Jericho said...

The more I read these rumour reports the more confuse I get. So are the netizens angry that he went or not? The reporters are confused too it seems. Are the netizens the deciding factor of everything, Leader has to please them or what? Who are they anyways? This is driving me bonkers.
Whatever if Leader is unhappy we will just give him our support no matter what.

Anonymous said...

agree totally with Jericho.so what is happeneing now? wat if leader really called it quit??? just the thought scared the hell out of me

turtle said...

i've just read allkpop, and they stated that Leader went. He was with his CEO, and it happened that his CEO is a fren of the ex-president, and he was being invited to the party rather last minute. so they just stopped by 10-15 minutes.

because the ex-president is being hated by most koreans due to some happenings in 1980, Leader attending the party has become a sensitive issue.

Since Leader was with the CEO, he had no choice but to follow him.

i find the whole thing damn ridiculous la. SS501 is only 5/6 years old. why will they involve him in the politics when ss501 is currently at its peak. as if Leader will become a president. he's more interested in UFOs, he won become a president.

Jericho said...

Those netizens are really nuts. Leader shouldn't fall victim to them. Anyway, everybody now knows he's innocent n the reluction party, hope no more rubbish from those netizens anymore. Surely there are more fans then these netizens right?

turtle said...

there are more fans out there. BUT wad netizens can do are way out of our expectations.

omg. this isn't a good thing to start the year. i'm rlly rlly v afriad as well. im v scared of netizens.

jus look at wad they did to jay beom, as an example.

Karren168 said...

This is just so sad... HJL was in a no-win situation... if he didn't show respect by ignoring the ex-pres., the antis would brand or label him as rude... if he did show respect by greeting the ex-pres., the antis would label him as "politically incorrect" & put him down... any which way HJL acts in that situation the antis can say something bad about him... too bad, innocent actions or situations can be turn into really awfully bad stories by some netizens... this is probably the biggest difference between international fans & the netizens... i guess the international fans are more understanding than some netizens (I wrote "some netizens" not all, because I think not all netizens can be this harsh)... opinions like these have already made or broken the career & even caused the life of many idols in Korea...

Let's hope & pray that HJL remain strong... I hope he can feel the overwhelming support of TripleS all over the world & his SS501 brothers...