Tuesday, January 19, 2010

[Video] SS501 Park Jung Min winning '2009 Golden Ticket Award' speech

I felt sorry for Jung Min because I put full concentration on leader case and never post any news on his winning the Golden Ticket. Thanks for all who had given me tips to this video.

Congratulations Jung Min!


Credit: poohhl@youtube
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[Video] SS501 Park Jung Min winning '2009 Golden Ticket Award' speech


turtle said...

i have the same feeling as u do. but i still wanna congratulate him.

well done, MINNIE!! <3

i'm praying for Leader.

Blaire. said...

I feel sorry to Jung Min oppa. I'm trying to be happy for Jung Min yet i am also worrying about Hyun Joong at the same time. But, i will try to keep my spirits high for both of them; Jung Min for winning the '2009 Golden Ticket Award' and hoping Hyun Joong is feeling a bit better- after seeing some, among 1000+, of Triple S's caring comments on Liezle's blog i surley hope Leader will be up on his feet and being the 4D Hyun Joong that we always love!

SS501 fighting!

Anonymous said...

Congrat to Jung Min. This is a big achievement for Mal's first musical performance. I am expecting lots of pictures, videos, and fans cam about the award ceremony. It should be weigh as important as when the leader won the other awards. Very disappointed. All news were only related to leader who had attended an unplanned party. I haven't heard any news about YS and KJ for a long time. Do they have any activities recently? Are they just resting for preparing the Thailand concert? Anyone care?! May be I should consider this is HYL UFO website instead of SS501 UFO website. Most news only cover leader. Not healthy. No fun to repeatedly bowse the same news again and again. Really hope more other members' news.

Millie said...

I think we should be glad that there's a blogger like UFO out here willing to make our life easier with all the informations rather than you go 10 over websites to search for updates?

Anyway, I don't think Jungmin getting award is an open event, if it is...he won't be recording this thank you video bah? There isn't even any show on this ceremony announced.. and no fancams and photos out in the main SS501 fan page, so i doubt it's open event..

and I have to say.. if you go thru all the korean news website, it's all leader's news... which many are very concern about...so I guess UFO is trying to let us understand more, to lessen people's confusions..

As for YS and KJ... it's kind of obvious that they don't have news nowadays? I mean...correct me if there is any which I don't see it anywhere...not even in their biggest fan page? So, I will say they are having a long holiday before their concert... OH! KJ did mention it if you go look back at his message on 14th Jan 2010...(" am going for a long long rest after a long time" by KJ)

Everybody wish to be updated with every member of SS501 news, but if there's nothing about them, how do UFO or other blogger come out news of them? am I right to say this?

Hope you don't comment this way to someone who spend their time away, burning their nights away for our convenience... we should be thankful instead...

Oh..and I think you meant by HJL instead of HYL? :D

圆圆동생 said...

Anonymous, there are no news of YS n Kyu to be post, if u wan make out story, i can tell u wat ys ate yest n wat he will eat tml =D

or do u wan old news to be post?

and if you got news of YS & Kyu, JM, Baby which mini UFO had not cover, pls let her know

All for 규 ♥ said...

totally agree with Millie & 圆圆동생..
It is a fact that there are no news coverages on YS & Kyu. So how do u expect us, translators to post news of them?
Translators just take news and translate them, not MAKE news.
I think at the pace now, ALL SS501 fansites only have news of leader (and now Jungmin), so are u going around and telling them to be renamed to HyunJoong forum or Gaemal forum for that matter?

I cant understand why someone would post such a heartbreaking and disencouraging comment.

miniufo is doing a great job.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for all your efforts and explanations. It is true that miniufo did a great job on putting the news together. Sorry for the prior comments. I just showed my concern of the excessive news on HJL. Over the last 2-3 months, HJL was named as the best singer/actor/man in Korean and overseas. Sometimes, it may not be a good thing. Apparently, this is one of the reasons why he was attacked by the netizens. Anyway, thanks again.

mary said...

Totally agree with All for 규 ♥; Millie & 圆圆동생..,

thanks UFO for all her effect for making a one stop website for SS501fans..and besides, this is her own personal blog...

The excessive news on HJL does not come from UFO...All good news are good. the reason why he was attacked was due to the political issue...if you have been following up with it.