Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Send your encouragement messages to Leader! Leader need your support!

I received comments asking me to take down leader's diary.

Just for your information, leader's diary is posted in SS501.dspenter.com and SS601.com. It is not removed by DSP, if DSP didn't delete the message, it means that they want us, the TripleS to know the truth about this whole issue and also Hyun Joong's feeling over this. He is affected by this and he needs words of encouragement from us, the TripleS. If we don't send this translation, how do we know what is leader feeling and facing now. Only by reading his diary, we know about his inner feelings and also what has happened.

Now, by knowing this, I guess instead of sending message to request me to take down his message, shouldn't you think of means or ways, to send words of encouragement to leader!

As for the details of this incident, there's a news release about this, but currently I really can't do the translation. I will do it tonight when I get back home. I don't want to do a rush job and get something wrong for the translation.

At the moment now, all we have to do is give leader the support and encouragement to withstand all the antis and criticisms.

Liezle is collecting encouragement messages from TripleS to send to Hyun Joong via her friend in Perfect Cafe. Please send in your encouragement messages to her blog. Leader need your support now. Please visit her blog to send in your messages before 10pm [Korean time] today.


圆圆동생 said...

The dairy sldn't be taken down

i read all the comment ard the web and so many are feeded with wrong information

with this dairy,more ppl will have a clearer picture instead of ppl asking each n other wat is happening then feed with more n more wrong information


marydewitt said...

Yes, as long as the message at DSP is up, it is meant for us, the TS. Thanks for posting it. At least we TS, trust and believe Leader than the rest of the media, right!

He just happened to be at the wrong place...without a choice since he is accompanying his boss.

In any where in the world, the entertainment industry never mix with political Party..as such, the sensitivities of the issue in Korea at hand. Especially at the height of Leader's popularity. The media love such gossip...

anyway, Leader Fighting, We are right behind you!

bb said...

hey, just a quick note to say unnie supports your decision to let all the fans know.


iluvdumplings said...

I really appreciate your updates and putting up Leader's message. Although still to be confirmed as from him, I think it's better that we read something he wrote than what the media or even DSP will try to interpret. Fans will have a clearer perspective, and with that, support for Leader and SS501 can outweigh any negative comment.

Kimichi0 said...

well, i am wondering is there a way we can join SS601.com or SS501.dspenter.com? i hope with that i can send my personal encouragement to Hyun Joong oppa~

Oppa~ Hwaiting!!~

marydewitt said...



Arirang TV will feature SS501 19 Jan & 22 Jan at Pops In Seoul.

Anonymous said...

PLEASE Don't let this before another Jaebum incident... I'm awfully worried for Hjl now... :(

Anonymous said...

i already sent message at liezle blog.
oh god, hope leader will be okay, hate the haters, why they only know to bash people..?

poor leader, i love u no matter what people say about u, u are the best for me and i believe in u.

Elise said...

I sent my message to liezle blog too! :) i hope it gets through to Hyun Joong!


♥_얍카이_TRIPLE S 4eVeR_♥ said...

Posted my comment at the blog that you have given. ^^
ee..There are so lots of comments, IT's gonna be 800posts soon...=X

Wish Our Leader can STAND UP as soon as possible. =)
The TS will ALWAYS support you.


wen0607 said...

Yes.... I also support you!
Fans have the right to know about it~

Btw, for those wanna leave messages for leader, I also can help to leave messages for you all since I obtain an id in the perfect 0606hj cafe...

Jericho said...

It's midnite in Korea, probably Leader is reading my messages now.:D Hope he'd get shocked by the overwhelming love n concern from fans from all over the world (even fans from Russia!)

snow princess said...

what ?!!!

kim hyun joong please dont leave us

i give hope from u i always listen to your voice even iam from very far
dont care about what other said
u r the best

with all my love

saudi arabia girl ^^


outverse said...

Hyun Joong Oppa Hwaiting!!!
Please don't let this matter bring you down. It hurts all of us to see your sad face DDD: