Friday, February 19, 2010

[Fan Account] Double Joongs attending @ SNSD Jessica's 'Legally Blonde Musical'

Well, you know what I gave just now is just a teaser. ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ The reason why Mini UFO fly back without eating XiaoLongBao is because of this stalker news. ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

Our leader ah~ went to watch SNSD Jessica's 'Legally Blonde Musical' with his buddy JaeJong and Mickey Yoo Chun. Actually 2 days ago, 圆圆동생 already told me that she read news about this, but well, I was waiting for photographs. Now we have it! ^_^

Thanks JI_AMO for sharing the information with us!

P/S: Hyun Joong is not captured in the following photographs but then he did attend Jessica's musical.


Credit: JI_AMO + Baidu Tieba DBSK + 妃茵 @ + (English translation)
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On 15th, the day after Valentine Day, according to Korean fan, Hero Jae Jong drove his cool R8 sports car, together with Mickey Yoo Chun and Hyun Joong, attended SNSD Jessica's musical.

I guess normally he also will drive his sports car and go home together with Hyun Joong (^_^)
In this musical, Lee Honey who was selected by Hyun Joong in Champagne as his ideal girl was also one of the actress. XDD

Mini UFO: Wow, wee, the R8 sports car is really COOL~

Two of the person who was circled in the picture, the person in front who was wearing a hat was Hero Jae Joong, and the person behind, who was looking at his handphone was Mickey Yoo Chun, and......
Why Saengie was not together with them, hmmm..... the conclusion is: Jessica was not Saengie's cup of tea, his ideal is..... you know who.... XDD

Mini UFO: Hur.... you really don't know.... Tae Yeon!!!! How could you don't know.... kekekeke

P/S: Thanks to the clarifications of a few Korean fans, the person in gray hoodie is not Hyun Joong. But he did went to Jessica's musical.

It was freezing and yet he was still wearing low cut tee, Jae Joong really was not scared of cold!
Previously in Vancouver he was also wearing sleeveless tee = =
But it is alright, the black woolen hat on your head is warm enough~
Because that's the 'couple hat' which you and Hyun Joong shared... Haha!
Look at that photo of Hyun Joong return to Seoul from Bangkok, he was also wearing a black woolen hat then when Saengie was beside him. (^_~)


圆圆동생 said...

i tink when there is hero ard, ys will not appear.

but i wanna sae... JJ car is O-M-G

Anonymous said...

And vice versa, when there is YS, Hero won't be there. Lol!!! What's up with those three?

stalking_hj said...

Bcoz Hyunjoong is two timer kekekeke.. i notice he always have been seen with YS when JJ in japan

Owowow very nice car. Nice car and so hot boy inside the car. How hot that could be kekeke... You surely get burned!!

i heard krystal there too ^^ if this f3 is so close with jessica. Why jessica just only thx hyun joong in her album =.=

mini ufo, sharp eyes notice that woolen hat... Hehe couple hat..

圆圆동생 said...

Jessuca cannot openly thx JJ,Chun and Junsu cos there is still contract problem with SM

^ i guess

i read tht there is yunho with them too, wahhaha...!!~~

YS go 1 corner draw circle..

Jericho said...

Well done Cagali! Excellent news! Very interesting indeed.

stalking_hj said...

Ah maybe XD but still i feel anxious though =.=
i have a feelhng hyunjoong is the most closer with her than other 2.. <3 idol friendship though..

oh yunho too, just know that fan account. ^^

dont worry i will accompany ys draw circle in corner kkkkkkkk..

圆圆동생 said...

YS play tic tac toe with me at 1 corner

he take circle, i take cross

... stalking_HJ, dun mind email ufo.. finding u~

Jericho said...

Good for u 圆圆동생, it's yr gain, congrats! Now YS will always accompany u.

btw really dig yr kinda stylish English or Konglish, excellent! Makes this blog very special n unique.

圆圆동생 said...

Singlish la, u read more
in future if u come Singapore, u will have no problem to understand our singlish

btw this blog speak alot of Saengish and Joongish... pls get use to it LOLLLLLLL

Anonymous said...

I'm a Korean fan.

Excuse me but this is not true.
The car is not Hero Jae Joong's.
The person wearing a gray hoody is not Hyun Joong.

Mini UFO said...

Hi Anonymous,

I actually read this news from TripleSTW and translate it into english, anyway, I just read that the person in gray is Mickey and the person looking at his handphone is leader as reported by AllKpop.

Quite confusing.

The car is not Hero Jae Joong's?? But my friend do show me another fan account show that this is Jae Joong's car. Hmm.....

Jericho said...

Saw Hero's car in more than one DBSK fansites, it's this model n clr.

Anonymous said...

i'm korean dbsk's fan. hero's car was audi before he was in the middle of a dispute. sm sold his audi and he has other car now.
it's true that hero and mickey didn't meet hyunjoong of ss501. grey hoody is not hyunjoong. absolutely not!

Anonymous said...

i'm hyunjoong's korean fan..
a grey hood guy isn't hyunjoong..
pls he isn't short guy..keke ^.^;;;

Jericho said...

So none of the guys in the photo is Leader but it is true that Leader did actually go to the musical with Hero that nite. They left separately.

Anonymous said...

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