Friday, February 05, 2010

[Info] SS501 Merchandise from SendMall [ Sock ]

Colored & non-colored Sock, i wan tht boy in blue color hair...!!~~

and see..... he is holding an OTTER!! ^^

The price for these socks is 10500 won (~USD9)


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fallenstarrie said...

I love the Saengie one the best...but that's probably because I'm bias ^_^

They should've made the Jung Min one toe socks kekeke

Anonymous said...

hyung jun's progamer episode 2 has been subbed since a couple of hours ago!
wow. whoever subs that is sooo fast!

Anonymous said...

hahaha...i also want that blue hair boy^^
i want to buy it but dont know to buy itT_T


tetsu girl said...

omg they're soo cute!!! i want to buy them, too!
HJL: cool and charismatic (and cute!)
YS: mysterious and manga-like (and cute!)
KJ: soft and sweet (and cute!)
JM: fierce and fabulous (and cute!)
HJB: cheerful and chipper (and cute!)
kyaa~ i want them all! XD

Anonymous said...

how to buy it? go to the web?? n can it send to foreign countries??
LOVE IT lerh...<33333


sleepy head said...

how can i get this?

Utami Nurhafsari said...

how can i get it??

btw.. is there the true face of them, not just their cartoon face... is there??? i want it.. T_T

圆圆동생 said...

IT A DOG...!!~~

hyung, u finally change ur font color ....;;;