Tuesday, February 02, 2010

[News] Hotsun Love Proposal Event [2010.02.01]

Glad that we are starting to see more news on Hyun Joong which is a good sign. ^_^


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[News][2010.02.01] Hotsun Love Proposal Event

Hotsun Bake Chicken is holding their 1st event in 2010.

Hotsun Bake Chicken official revealed, during the coming White Day (14 March), they will hold the 'White Day love proposal' event for lovers.

This event will begin from 1 February to 12 March 2010 in Hotsun stores nationwide concurrently. Customer who purchase Hotsun Bake chicken will receive an entry form, login to Hotsun Bake Chicken website and enter in the application number for entry to this event. 1 entry per day, repeat entries are allowed. Prizes include designer handbag (1 person), high end DSLR camera (2 person), J.Estina Ear rings (10 person) and also 100 sets of gift vouchers.

In year 2009, dining restaurant franchise Hotsun Chicken signed contract with SS501 Kim Hyun Joong as their exclusive model and successfully become a nation wide enterprise. Hotsun Chicken currently has 350 franchise stores, and has recorded 120% revenue growth for 4 consecutive years.


Anonymous said...

Just wondering...this is news for Hotsun Chicken, but why is the credit said TonyMoly Korea?

Mini UFO said...

sorry, was confused since I was doing the translation for TonyMoly previously.