Wednesday, February 03, 2010

[Photo] Hyung Jun jewellery sponsor by CLUE

Thanks LHL for sending this photo of Maknae with his necklace sponsor by CLUE.


Credit: CLUE
Please repost with full credit
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turtle said...

100 x infinite amount of watts shooting out from his eyes. hahaha.

yubinnie said...

hey, don't know how to spread this news to all triple s, but then hope someone will do..anyway, let's vote for them to be on the show or even be a feature on the show of ellen degenres's just simple, just go to,. look for the title (Send Ellen Your International Music Suggestions!)then just follow the instruction's really easy,. i've made one suggestion now there, i've introduce there song you're my heaven...hopw you will that we wiil be able to see our idol in american show,.

Anonymous said...

i like ur idea,.... but remember our boys don't know how to speak english it's better if they well learn english first b4 we do that so it's easy for them okey????

yubinnie said...

i know they cant speak english but then it can be a fan of course all of us want them to see on top, so i think just by voting them is a step closer to be known worldwide...let us just all try..