Friday, February 05, 2010

[Photo] Jung Min @ Pretty Bride 2010 Competition [2010.02.02]

Thanks LHL for the tips! More photographs of our sexy charisma @ the Pretty Bride Competition. ^_^

According the blogger who blog about this, he mentioned that Jung Min has received wide responses among the audience and invited guest when he made appearance. It shows how popular SS501 is in Japan. The blogder also mentioned that Jung Min could speak Japanese fluently and think that he must have practised hard before going to Japan.


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If there's a 'Charming Gloom Competition',
he will be the winner. ^_^

Minnie, how could you looked bored when
there's so many beauties infront of you.

Even pouting when drinking water... ^_~

As usual, Jung Min is always with a smile wherever he is

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Anonymous said...

jung minnie 'smile is the best:x