Friday, February 05, 2010

[Video][Eng Sub] Hyung Jun on MBC Game

Thanks Anonymous+ stalking_hj for the tips

By the way, you can download the sub video from Teamliquid Fansubber. They will be subbing all Maknae's MBC Game episodes, do check their page for updates.

I will be grouping all episode of 'Hyun Jun Becomes A Pro Gamer in this page so that it will be easier to reference in future.


Credit: Teamliquid Fansubber + nevake@YT
Repost with Full Credit

[Eng Sub] Hyun Joong Becomes A Pro Gamer Ep 1

[Eng Sub] Hyun Joong Becomes A Pro Gamer Ep 2


Anonymous said...

how come they can upload 45minutes per clip?
just curious..

anyone knows?

圆圆동생 said...

actually i m shocked tht YT can hold a 45min Video ...!!~~

Mini UFO said...

I remember reading there are different 'grade' of youtube account, if you share self made video and doesn't violiate rules, you may be 'upgraded' to director level and able to share longer than 10mins video.

If I am not wrong also, there's also this Youtube Partner Program which allows you to upload more than 10mins of video, but you can't share copyright video else you might not be approved. Since partner program they actually work with advertiser to advertise in your channel.

Something like this, more detail, please go search for FAQ in youtube or googled it.

Anonymous said...

just finished watching! LMAO at the end! looks like baby will be able to charm his way into the coach's heart! who could resist him anyway??

turtle said...

omg, is that a hidden camera at the end?

marydewitt said...

wow, they made this variety show just to feature our Baby...

Ep 1, Poor baby caught in hidden camera attacked

Ep 2, Baby charms his way to his coach...hilarous...would the coach dare says his doesnt like our Baby? LOL.