Thursday, February 04, 2010

[Video] Jung Min @ 'Life Theatre 2010' Ep 3 [2010.02.04]

Thanks 501스런하루 for sharing Jung Min's 'Life Theatre 2010' in SS601. I have upload a copy to my youtube channel to share with you. ^_^

All parts are uploaded! Enjoy watching!

P/S: I will like to express my billion thanks to my tenshi LHL for helping me solve the problem of Part 1 upload. At last it is working now! Thank you LHL! 감사합니다~♡


Credit: 501스런하루 @ SS601 + ss501ufo@youtube
Please repost with full credit

[2010.02.04] Jung Min @ 'Life Theatre 2010' Ep 3 Part 1

[2010.02.04] Jung Min @ 'Life Theatre 2010' Ep 3 Part 2

[2010.02.04] Jung Min @ 'Life Theatre 2010' Ep 3 Part 3

[2010.02.04] Jung Min @ 'Life Theatre 2010' Ep 3 Part 4

[2010.02.04] Jung Min @ 'Life Theatre 2010' Ep 3 Part 5

[2010.02.04] Jung Min @ 'Life Theatre 2010' Ep 3 Part 6


Anonymous said...

thanks for your posting ^^

I really like his acting, it's really good, especially his arrogant expression ^^

but part 1 seems to be removed because of its length TT TT

Mini UFO said...

Yah! I notice it also.... boohoo... why this 'Life Theatre is giving me such a hard time today! So many errors.... My bed miss me~ TT_TT

Anonymous said...

thank you so much for taking the time to upload all the episodes of life theater...even though it causes you so many troubles, I know many jung min fans and ss501 fans are realluy thankful ,like me

Mini UFO said...

My last try, just upload a newer version, hope it works this time! If it doesn't work I guess I have to wait until I wake up to load again.

I really gotta go to bed now... my bed is calling me~♡

nam_meo_i3u said...


thank you so much mini UFO ^^

have a nice dream ^^

圆圆동생 said...


Mini UFO said...

still dare to say me!!! who's sleeping later than me hur, upstairs!! ^_~

圆圆동생 said...

Yest i slp earlier ...!!~~~

ESP1 cannot be uploaded, i tried too ^-^ FATED

yubinnie said...

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