Tuesday, February 02, 2010

[Video] SS501 MTV Japan Korean Music Craze : School TTack 2010.02.01

JM climb so fast, KJ can't climb , YS is so natural~, Baby is such a gentleman to hold those noona ^-^
the fans go wild when SS501 appear..!!~~;;;;;
Ohhh, it mention this back scene are not boardcast in this program before...!!~~

Credit: ying5387isme3@YT
Repost with full credit


Anonymous said...

It is not Kyujong can't climb but he has height phobia.

pinky_girl8925 said...

hahaha...saengie so natural~~~
as always...calm~~

圆圆동생 said...

but YS leg is shorter ...!!~~~

Anonymous said...

They look so cute and young. I miss their baby's faces. Leader looks like he just comes traight out from a manga book; so pretty, and cool.