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[Mag] Elle Girl - Idol Award

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Credit: SS601 + (Chinese translation) tkdska@www.hyunjoongchina.com + (English translation) SS501UFO.blogspot.com
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Elle Girl - Idol Award

This is an article shared by a Korean TS when she was at the saloon. While flipping through the magazine, she found some comments about idols. Among them there's SS501, so she used her handphone to record down the words, but she didn't take the pictures, according to her, there's a photograph of Hyun Joong in 'Boys over Flowers'.

The followings are the portion of oppa-deul's questions and answers.

(Pg 198-201)

4) Member with most terrific body
5) Most charming face
7) Most anticipated star when releasing solo album
9) Group which I think is most perfect

4) Member with most terrific body

Kim Hyun Joong

- Sometime when look at the actual look of the boy group member, you will feel disappoint. Kim Hyun Joong would definitely won't let you disappointed. Tall build, small face, not too skinny and not too strong like a bull. Even when standing beside all the wild weeds beside Han river, Kim Hyun Joong let people feel like he is standing beside an European style garden. [Kim Bo Mi - "Elle" Feature Editor]

5) Most charming face

Kim Hyun Joong

- Most of the time when singers went to film drama, when comparing to professional actors, their outlook might be inferior. However, Kim Hyun Joong in 'Boys over Flowers' is definitely not worst than Kim Bum and Lee Min Ho who are originally actors. It is very difficult to find such a charming idol singer like him. [Park Ji Ho - "Arena" Feature Director]

- Kim Hyun Joong has a face, charm, beauty which could capture the Asia market, just like a comic main character, he is a born idol. [Jo Min Ki - '꽃미남애호' (Flowery Pretty Boy Hobby) Columnist]

- Impeccably charming face, his pure and sunny look made him endearing to people. [Lua - Illustrator]

7) Most anticipated star when releasing solo album

Kim Hyun Joong

- Dedicated when performing on stage, his thoughts surprised most when off-stage, he is simply adorable. If he could release a solo album, it would definitely generate high sales. [Kim Eun Ju - 제일기획 Copywriter]

9) Group which I think is most perfect

Heo Young Saeng

- SS501's Heo Young Saeng, 2pm's Woo Yong, BigBang's Dae Sung, SJ's Hae Chul if group together, will definitely be a big hit. [Cha Woo Jin - Pop Culture Critic]

Kim Hyun Joong
- DBSK's Hero Jae Joong and Micky Yu Cheon, BigBang's Top, SS501's Kim Hyun Joong, when 4 of them group together, it is definitely be the most outstanding F4 among all artists! [Jo Min Ki - '꽃미남애호' (Flowery Pretty Boy Hobby) Columnist]

- Bigbang's Top, 2pm's Taec Yeon, SS501's Kim Hyun Joong, Shinne's Jong Hyun. All have their strong point and all able to show their ability, they will make a high potential group. [Kim Bo Mi - "Elle" Feature Editor]

-SS501's Kim Hyun Joong, 2PM's Nichkun, SJ's Hae Chul, they can form a 4D group. [Lee Ming Yeong - Internet Writer]


Jericho said...

The best is of course the real life F4 - Leader, Hero, Mickey and Top. They are the ideal dream team of k-pop.

Anonymous said...

i agree with you jericho.nice article,it made my day complete about the comment on our lovely hyun joong.

Jericho said...

Latest info I read is that it is confirm that Leader's room-mate is Hero. They are living together. It's in the Japanese newspapers!

Janics Chong said...

What we see obviously that will be the idol super star group. But I still prefer SS501 as in with the existance of
Leader Hyun Joong,
Shy Prince Yong Saeng,
Eternal Center Kyu Jong,
Sexy Charisma Jung Min and
Maknea Hyung Joon.

Without anyone of them, I dont think that SS501 is perfect :(

Mini UFO said...

Hi Janics,

Hi-5 that! I totally agreed with you, everyone in SS501 is important and without any of them SS501 is not completed! ^_^

That's also the reason why all of us have been supporting them!

Anonymous said...

LOL when I read "Even when standing beside all the wild weeds beside Han river, Kim Hyun Joong let people feel like he is standing beside an european style garden." This certainly brought more than a smile to my face. :-D

Janics Chong said...

Yayy! HI-5 Mini UFO. I really cannot imagine if SS501 is lack of anyone of them T.T

That why we Triple S has been supporting them since 4 years ago (although I'm just only 3 months :S)

Anyways. thanks for updating me with all SS501's reliable. Bravo Mini UFO.

Without fail I will drop by here everyday. Thanks for making my day with their lovely news :D


Anonymous said...

although i like ys the most..
although he didnt get more attention than the others but im most happy when he with his members...
there...will shown his real side^^
their dorkiness...

Anonymous said...

its really good article about YS..
and he was said by POP CULTURE CRITIC..

Anonymous said...

Woahh..so nice! I agree to every single line of the critics.

Marilyn said...

@Jericho: now I'm wondering if the sauce that he used at the Gourmand show was done by Hero! he is known for his culinary skills after all... lol :D

Jenna said...

Marilyn I think it is from his grandma because I remember on TYFWUU he used that prepared sauce when he cooked breakfast for his member with PKL to wake them up

turtle said...

haha. nobody said Baby, Seungri and Shin Dong? the "want-to-get-attention" group. heeehehee.