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[News] Movie Week Magazine SS501 in Dramatic Idol that challenge acting skill's [2010.02.03]

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[News] [2010.01.31] Movie Week Magazine SS501 in Dramatic Idol that challenge acting skill's

Movie Week No.414

A lot of idol has started to challenge their acting skill. In the current situation, the movie and broadcast industry seemed to not able to continue without idols. Their experience in stage and solid foundation enable them to expand their reach to variety show, drama, movie, musicals and other areas. The following article lists idols who currently having equal commitment in both singing and acting, and also idols who have high hope to challenge their acting skills in future.

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SS501: Flowery Beauty Males who are filled with desires to act

Park Jung Min
Musical: 'Grease'
Strong love drama/Talent in Musical circle

Park Jung Min dreams of acting in musical was fulfilled by his role 'Danny' in the 'Grease' musical. Through this musical, he was recognized and was sucessfully selected to be lead actor of 'Life Theathre 2010' (MBC Every1). Through this drama like variety show, Park Jung Min gradually removed his idol cover and changed his image to an actor.

Kim Hyun Joong
Drama 'Can Love be retouched?' 'Boys over Flowers'
Drama/Walking Statue

Acted in 'Boys over Flowers' (KBS2), having 100% similarity to his role 'JiHoo Sunbae'. Although was doubted for his acting skill, his acting instructor comments on him is "exceptional outlook is surprisingly become the stumbling block for his acting skill", however he has very high potential. Having a 4D character which is totally different from his youthful look. He is a multi talent artist which has strong entertainer sense.

Kim Kyu Jong
Webtoon Drama 'SETI'
Light romatic comedy/High potential after 'SNSD' Hyoyeon

"After looking at Kim Hyun Joong's acting, started to have the desire"'s Kim Kyu Jong finally become an actor, acted in author Yoon TaeHo's 'SETI'. 'SETI' a webtoon which was presented using both comic and video.

Kim Hyung Jun
Although being one of the younger in the team and was being compared with his elder brothers, currently he seems to have prepared to show a different side of himself.

Kim Hyung Jun 'If I can reborn, I wish to be 'Kim Hyun Joong'. I also have desires to act."


Anonymous said...

YS has no passion in acting :)... anyway he's good in singing

tetsu girl said...

Aww, they didn't mention HJB's "Superstar". And no mention of YS at all. I know he hasn't done any yet, but he also said he would like to challenge acting, so they could've added him next to HJB, right?

YS once said he wanted to do a prince character like JiHoo. There was also an article that talked about HJB's "Superstar" and how KJ and JM would be acting in an episode together and YS might do one later, too.

I love seeing them in all kinds of shows! I really can't wait for their Comeback though! (Too bad YS said there's no set plans for it yet. And Kara's Comeback is in a couple of weeks, and DSP rarely promotes more than one group at a time, so it looks like it'll be awhile before SS501 have their Comeback. =P)

Janics Chong said...

What about prince Young Saeng ?? :(

I really want to see him acting in drama or short clips :(

I'm so happy when I knew that he left a message. But I really hope that they give him a chance to act!

But anyways, I still love his singing the most no matter what happens :D

pinky_girl8925 said...

i know ys once said that he didnt want to act but at interview with mtv crazy kpop,he said he also want to act...

too sad CANT SEE YS ACT....
he act on idol world once and it was like....BOMB...great!!!!