Thursday, February 18, 2010

[News][2010.02.17] ‘0 Visitor’ Shopping Mall CEO SS501 Park JungMin Takes Up Challenge to Be CEO Again

Looking forward for this program! Nice to know that the other boys will be participating in this show also! Thanks XiaoChu for the translation!


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[News][2010.02.17] ‘0 Visitor’ Shopping Mall CEO SS501 Park JungMin Takes Up Challenge to Be CEO Again

Former CEO of a shopping mall with ‘0 visitor a day’, SS501 Park JungMin will challenge himself to be a CEO again.

Onmedia affiliated program OnStyle ‘Style Magazine 2010’ will feature SS501 Park JungMin establishing his internet shopping mall. This will be shown under a special section known as ‘What Women Want’ in ‘Style Magazine 2010’.

Park JungMin opened a male fashion internet shopping mall in 2009, but had very poor sales with even cases of ‘0 visitor a day’ and regrettably had to close down.

After the failure, Park JungMin is still not able to extinguish his desire to go into fashion business. With the lessons learnt from the failure and ambitions to do the business properly, he will take up the challenge once again to be the CEO of a fashion shopping mall.

In ‘What Women Want’, Park JungMin’s extraordinary determination and devoting passion will be shown through this real challenge. Park JungMin meticulously analyzed the cause for the past failure and modified a new concept for his shopping mall. Through market research, he will be replacing the concept from male fashion to female fashion. In addition, he will be doing hands-on from purchase of products to postage, showing a new attractiveness of the serious ‘CEO Park JungMin’.

In addition, this program will also give helpful styling information to the viewers and teaches various styling know-how. The critical condition for the success of a fashion shopping mall is to be fast in offering the latest trend. For this, Park JungMin personally searched for the latest designs from popular brands while getting information of hot trends from famous stylists and other artistes.

In ‘What Women Want’, we will be able to see SS501 Kim HyunJoong, Kim KyuJong, Kim HyungJoon who are ready to give a helping hand to Park JungMin. They gave advises on consumers’ stance, and even helped to monitor the other shopping malls. The members’ strong loyalty is shown by their full support for the success of his shopping mall.

In the first broadcast episode, it will show Park JungMin in the process of preparing for the opening of the shopping mall. You will also be able to see his enthusiasm especially when he went to local shopping malls alone to check on their fashion trend after their concert in Thailand.

Broadcast is on 19-Feb midnight.


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