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[News][2010.02.17] SHINee’s manager assault incident...SS501 Kim HyunJoong’s speech becomes a ‘talking point’ once again

Thanks XiaoChu for the translation. It is true that bodyguard were important to protect the safety of fans but we do see bodyguards getting violent to fans also. I guess it is to get the message right to the bodyguard and also fans.

Sometimes, I think fans were a little overboard too. When I look at fancams of the boys being dragged, pulled, beat, hit.... is that what a fan that love the idol should do? When they crowd over the boys, have they think of the safety of their beloved idols? Hmm.....


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[News][2010.02.17] SHINee’s manager assault incident...SS501 Kim HyunJoong’s comment becomes a ‘talking point’ once again

SHINee’s manager assault incident...SS501 Kim HyunJoong’s comment became a ‘talking point’ once again

[Unrelated omitted...Basically, it says about the recent assault incidents, i.e CN Blue’s manager being violent to one of their fangirl..Also there was a video clip that shows SHINEE’s manager engaged in such assaults.]

While CN Blue and SHINee’s managers are involved in assault cases, SS501 leader Kim HyunJoong’s comments not long ago became a talking point once again.

Kim HyunJoong appeared in a program not long ago and said “To be able to protect the fans and artistes, it is good if we can engage bodyguards.”

Kim HyunJoong made this comment on the inextricable relationship between fans and artistes, and said that it will not be beneficial to the artistes if the managers were to become violent with the fans under the excuse of protecting the artistes.


圆圆동생 said...

when i see shinee manager hitting incident, i was shocked... after that i see CN BLue manager hitting the fan girl.................. WORST

Mini UFO said...

It make me remember last time the SS501 guard push down a girl in Taiwan airport.

圆圆동생 said...

i dun mind being pushed by tht manly security of ss501

*tht 1 who is with JM at BBK airport*


Mini UFO said...

Go push 동생....
동생 fell down...
then Saengie come hold 동생 up....
동생 faint~
Saengie catch.... ^^

*~Quickly fly away~*

marydewitt said... ... s-fan-girl

After exposing CNBLUE’s manager giving a beating to a fan girl, more cases of violent managers have been popping up all over the internet.

The latest is a clip of SHINee’s manager shoving and pushing a girl by her head. Which makes people wonder if that was really necessary, as she seems to be a harmless little girl.

SM Entertainment responded, “It seems this SHINee video is from their schedule during August of last year. We apologize to fans for this sort of unbelievable behavior. We will do everything in our power to prevent such incidents, and of course at the company level all managers will comply. Again, we are deeply sorry.”

Although a stars’ well being is important, think about the innocent fan girl getting pummeled for no apparent reason. How would you feel if that was your child?
++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ ... aults-fans
New boy band CNBLUE is in the middle of yet another controversy as their manager is being accused of physically assaulting fans who were gathered around the group’s vehicle.

It all began when a video surfaced on the Korean web a few days ago. The video contained footage of a man, apparently CNBLUE’s manager, wielding his hand into a throng of fans and clearly slapping a girl’s head twice as the group members exited from a parked van. Jong Hyun, who was the first to exit the van, made an awkward smile as he looked into the crowd.

As this footage became popular among Korean netizens, CNBLUE’s management company FNC Music quickly responded with a statement.

They explained, “The event happened on the 11th. CNBLUE tried to enter KBS building for a rehearsal but too many fans were in the way. Even with the help of security guards we could not secure the way into the building so the group [CNBLUE] decided to help out. As that was happening, a fan almost tripped Jong Hyun by grabbing on and pulling his hoodie, to which the manager reacted violently.”

They apologized by saying, “Our entire staff apologizes to fans about what had taken place; the manager has been given appropriate punishment and nothing like this will ever happen again.”

As with Jong Hyun smiling, they explained, “Jong Hyun was smiling about the situation where he almost fell down, not at the fans getting beaten. He did not see the beating take place.”

With plagiarism accusations already breathing down their necks, this new boy band is under fire once again. Stay tuned to allkpop for more news on CNBLUE

marydewitt said...

The role of Bodyguard need to have a set of code to follow...although both artistes and fan need to be protected...hitting a fan should not be allowed at all times.

Likewise, fan should also behave themselves.. (unlikely...?)well, that is why Bodyguard is needed..

圆圆동생 said...


turtle said...

if they get too close, jus pull them away, don have to hit. i mean pull away gently uh. when i say shinee's manager hitting the fan, i tot she would jus faint anytime. omg.

Anonymous said...

i remember leader's comment from golden fisheries! the MCs were also commenting about how he was truly 'leader-like' in his comments. He has the fans interests at heart, i'm glad i'm his fan ^-^

Anonymous said...

A sea of fans can go out of control and people get hurt which could cause stricter rules/laws to prevent fans even getting near stars. It's sad. If one really cares about her idol, stay cool and well mannered and just admire.

Anonymous said...

i wondering do u had the link or anything about the bodyguard push triple taiwan airport..can u help me..i just know about this.

Mini UFO said...

It has been so long I guess it is very difficult to find the video since a lot of YT channel has been suspended.

Anonymous said...

thanks u..for fast reply..^_^