Thursday, February 18, 2010

[Photo] Hyung Jun @ Music High [10 Feb 2010]

Kekeke.... LHL informed me about this yesterday, again I was busy with other thing that I totally forget about it. Mianhe LHL.

Here's some photographs released in Music High Official Site.


Credit: + 곰돌이규 @ SS601
Please repost with full credit
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Anonymous said...

Way too cute!!! Baby and Shark are now basically best buddies! Baby befriends people really easily~

Laughed a lot at the photos of Baby and his brother. Aww, can feel the sibling love <3

Thanks for sharing!

Y said...

May be I'm SS501 bias, but I think Baby looks younger and cuter than his baby brother. If I didn't know that Baby is the older brother I would have thought that Baby is the younger one from this picture. KiBum's fan please don't be mad. Although KiBum seems to have more muscle. ^^

ran said...

the kim bros are sporting same hairstyle :p though kibum's one looks shorter
and yeah, baby needs to hit the gym more often ^.^

LBG25 said...

Hey! I didn't know that Kibum was at MusicHigh...When was it? Is it the same day as Shark?

turtle said...

i tot Joonie is skinny enough, Bummie is even more skinnier??
omg, both cuties, pls eat more!
haha, and i agree, Joonie needs to hit the gym. =p

圆圆동생 said...

LBG25, that day i watch the webcam. only got shark.. maybe kibum came to fetch his brother home @@?

same t.shirt sld be same day