Thursday, February 18, 2010

[Photo] Hyung Jun @ MBC Game Ep4

Heee... LHL want to scold me already, she send me this set of photographs yesterday but I haven't posted it up. Mian he LHL.

This set of photographs is taken frm MBC Game Ep 4


Credit: + 그린미소 @ SS601
Please repost with full credit
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Anonymous said...

As i recalled my memory. Hyunjoong has through the same case. If u remember during bof airtime, sumthing happened too. There was a fans who want to approached HJ harshly (?). And HJ's manager slapped(?) her head. I kinda forget the detail though. But its quite big, bcoz the fans brought this case to police. But i think everything have been settled by DSP, so didnt hear anymore news bout that. Hope sumthing like that wont happened again. U know ss501 manager's image isnt good enough too.

Hyunjoong got the point there. Its safer if hire bodyguard, they know the right way to settle things like this. They called bodyguard not bcoz of nothing rite? And its kinda hard if a manager do multitask..

圆圆동생 said...

LOL, u reply wrong post..
i nv heard of this news b4
will check it out