Friday, February 19, 2010

[News][2010.02.17] SS501 Kim Hyung Joon dancing together with contestant Im Yo Hwan.

Late news, supposed to be for Wednesday's MBC Game. Only after translating then I realized it was meant for yesterday's MBC Game Episode 4. Keke.... anyway since I have translated, so I just share it.


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[News][2010.02.17] SS501 Kim Hyung Joon dancing together with contestant Im Yo Hwan

Idol group SS501's maknae Kim Hyung Jun dance together with 'Terran emporor' Im Yo Hwan (SK Telecommunication).

MBC Game reveal on 16th, through 'SS501 Hyung Jun, Become a progamer' turned into progamer trainee, singer Kim Hyung Jun and contestant Im Yo Hwan, Jye Jak Jin show his exceptional skill in dancing.

The production team explained, this incident was because Kim Hyung Jun in order to meet with Im Yo Hwan, went to SK Communication T1 practice room. When fulfilling production team's task 'To teach SS501 dance choreograph to Im Yo Hwan contestant.'

Kim Hyung Jun who has started teaching show the 2:2 group dance to Super Game Contestant Im Yo Hwan, Choi Yeon Sung, Kim Teak Yong.

Also, to welcome New Year turned into a chef, preparing new year Tteokguk soup for MBC Game Hero contestants, Ha Tae Ki directer and Lee Weon Jae instructor.

Kim Hyung Jun special visit to SK communication T1 room and cooking for Hero contestant is shown on 17 afternoon, 4pm at MBC Game's 'SS501 Hyung Jun, become a progamer' Episode 4.

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