Friday, February 19, 2010

[Photo] SS501 @ Channel V interview

Here's one photo of SS501 taken during their interview with Channel V Thailand. Why did our 5C Prince look down when the camera was pointing at him hur??

圆圆동생 : he see if his tummy got come out or not O.O

P/S: Added one more photographs of SS501 with Channel V host - Mike


Credit: Channel V Tweeter +
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Bowie said...

actually, the name of the host is Mike~


Mini UFO said...

Ops! The mind is thinking of Mike but when type out become Mark! LOL.... Saw it frm TSTW that it is Mike actually. Hahahaa....

Thanks Bowie for the correcting!

BLo_oM Li_oN said...

can't watch Channel V... aarrrr so frustrating!!!

I have to go to my friend's house.
When will it air? hahahahah... feel like I have to find that info for you, don't I? ke ke


Mini UFO said...

Unless I go catch Doraemon and eat some Thai translation bread. kekeke... Else must depend on you!

turtle said...

Saengie is looking at his tummy? haha.