Thursday, March 04, 2010

[Fan made Video] SGTripleS Birthday Gift for Kyu Jong

Actually heard about SGTripleS plans for Kyu Jong gift since the planning stage. Glad that now the final product is ready and sent to Kyu Jong. What is that gift? It is a song which they composed and wrote specially for Kyu Jong. After that, the members sang the song and recorded into a music video and sent to Kyu Jong.

Thumbs up for their special gift to Kyu. The name of the song is 'J Dream'. I know Kyu will definitely love this!


Copyright: SgTripleS and Jeremy Ng
Please repost with full credit

J Dream [Version 1]

J Dream MV [Version 2]

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Anonymous said...

Wonderful! Beautiful! Terrific! The song means as lot for KYU and his fans. Thank you Triple S Singapore.